26. Nick Hall & Aaron Wright

Company: Stocknet Institute

Founders: Nick Hall & Aaron Wright

Website: https://siworld.io/

About Stocknet Institute


Stocknet Institute (SI) is a UK-based financial technology firm that offers retail traders a lower-risk virtual funding environment, SI World, where they can develop their skills and earn rewards before entering a live market. Originally opened in 2021 as a trading consultancy, Stocknet Insitute today offers a fresh new approach to the skill of online retail trading by offering an alternative to the current go-live environment.

The global online trading platform market is projected to grow to an unprecedented 15.34 billion USD by 2030, and retail trading hit an all-time high this summer, according to JP Morgan data. However, traders of all experience levels and disciplines are finding it difficult to navigate today’s turbulent economic environment and find providers that actually help them achieve success.

While platforms offering ‘live’ trading accounts are popular, they’re not always the best way to start your trading journey. Many people jump straight into the ‘live’ markets without being properly equipped with the knowledge and skill needed to trade successfully and are equally unaware of the consequences this lack of foundational skill can bring.

SI World was launched in November 2023 to directly challenge this approach by offering an alternative environment where traders of any skill level can learn, grow, and even earn rewards before jumping into live markets. SI World ‘citizens’ can explore scalable funding experiences, a marketplace for buying and selling e-FX products, tournaments, education and career mode simulations, and more as they learn how to navigate the retail trading landscape – all designed with their support and education in mind.

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