27. Scott van den Berg

Company: CELEB and Influencer Capital

Founder: Scott van den Berg

Website: https://www.celebsyndicate.com/ https://www.influencercapital.nl/

About CELEB and Influencer Capital


Scott van den Berg has been an entrepreneur for eight years. He is the founder of angel syndicate CELEB and Influencer Capital, a company that facilitates equity deals between startups and celebrities.

CELEB connects accredited investors to the smartest opportunities in the world of celebrity-founded businesses. For traditional brands, it’s getting increasingly difficult to reach their prospects. Customer acquisition costs have soared due to Apple’s iOS privacy update, ad blockers, reduced consumer loyalty, shorter attention spans, and inflation. Brands founded by household names – be it traditional celebrities or online creators – don’t suffer as much from these challenges.

Their direct relation with millions of fans allows celebrities to drive near-instant traction to their businesses via social media. CELEB aims to capitalize on celebrities’ ability to drive commerce and build more lucrative brands.

Leveraging his success investing in these brands, Scott van den Berg has created a platform where accredited investors can explore and invest in similar prospects. With an easy onboarding process, CELEB aims to transform the investment landscape by facilitating access to untapped, next-gen business ventures.

Launched only three months ago, CELEB has already gathered a group of 177 accredited investors and is helping them identify the right startups to invest in.

Scott van den Berg’s other company, Influencer Capital, launched two years ago. It allows startups to partner with influencers and boost visibility without spending cash.

Instead of one-time fees for advertising contracts, influencers get equity in the companies they help grow. Thus, they participate in the upside typically reserved for founders, investors, and employees.

So far, Influencer Capital has raised $375,000 in seed capital and has conducted equity deals worth $4.3 million. The startup partners with 100+ talent management agencies and has established a network of ~10,000 influential people across Europe and the US.

Prior to Influencer Capital, Scott van den Berg led an investment banking firm aiding European startups in securing vital capital. Throughout his career, he facilitated the raising of more than $25 million in funding.

Scott van den Berg is a creator economy and celebrity business expert and thought leader, with posts that garner millions of views on LinkedIn.

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