29. Yao-Yun Chang, Age 22

Company: KodyPay

Age: 22


Business: KodyPay is a new mobile point-of-sale platform and payment aggregator that allows businesses to perform all the necessary actions using a web and app-based technology platform.

About Yoyo and KodyPay

Founded in 2018, KodyPay is a FinTech startup that has the aim of making shopping safer and more convenient for users whilst at the same time boosting business for SMEs. The platform is hardware free allowing businesses to take payments using only the KodyPay smartphone app. Since investing £120k into the company from his trading experience on the stock market as a teenager, KodyPay has since raised £1.8million in its seed round. Yoyo came up with the idea to have hardware-free mobile payments when he was in his final year of high school and worked tirelessly to facilitate his vision. KodyPay is working with many companies such as IBM partners TES Enterprise Solutions.

KodyPay sees itself as a more affordable alternative to hard-ware-based point-of-sale solutions, having identified that SMEs will sometimes have to purchase multiple hardware terminals that will then need to be individually managed. As KodyPay is hardware free there are no upfront costs and the added benefit is that it accepts a range of payment options.


An additional benefit is that KodyPay will support those who are needing to process payments through foreign payments companies. KodyPay is able to process payments by AliPay (a China-based payments company) which has helped students who were previously unable to use AliPay as many SMEs didn’t want to purchase an AliPay-compatible point-of-sale terminal.

It is easy to check out on KodyPay with the many customisable digital solutions that are suited to the individual needs of the retail and hospitality industries. With the app, SMEs are able to use a ‘Self-Checkout’ service enabling customers to scan a barcode and pay using the smartphone app. This reduces queue times and enables payments in real-time as the worker can see the transaction on their own handset.



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