28. Darcy Laceby, Age 24

Company: Absolute Collagen

Age: 24

Website: https://www.absolutecollagen.com/

Business: Absolute Collagen is an award-winning provider of collagen supplements.

About Darcy and Absolute Collagen

Darcy Laceby co-founded Absolute Collagen with her mother, Maxine Laceby in 2015 in their family kitchen. In 2021, it had a turnover of £21 million.

The Laceby family had the idea for their business at home, talking about how bone broth had improved their skin, hair, and nails. Darcy, who was then studying Food Development at University, was able to apply her expertise to the idea. She studied a key component of bone broth, collagen, to understand its benefits.

At first, Absolute Collagen operated from the Laceby’s family home, with eight people packing 3,000 parcels per day in the garage. Since then, their company has exploded in size, with a warehouse in Telford and an office in Birmingham. They are now the UK’s #1 provider of collagen supplements.

Darcy is involved in all aspects of Absolute Collagen. She leads the company’s customer-led product development. Their company offers a direct-to-consumer approach, prioritising educating and supporting their customer base. Absolute Collagen’s website features introductions to their resident dermatologist and trichologist, establishing the brand as experts in all things collagen.

Absolute Collagen’s supplements aim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as improving the hair and nails. They offer serums, shampoos, conditioners, and drinks to help boost customers’ collagen intakes.

The company’s ethos promotes a good work-life balance and a passion to support young talent. Most of Absolute Collagen’s employees are female, and 46% are under 30. Their company is entirely carbon neutral, as of October 2022.



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