25: Gurvin Singh, Age 22

Company: Academy2Earn

Age: 22

Website: https://www.academy2e.com/ and Instagram: mr.gurvz

Business: Affiliate marketing and selling through Amazon, Forex trading and Instagram influencer.


About Gurvin and Academy2Earn

Young entrepreneur Gurvin Singh (full name Gurvin Singh Dyal) made national headlines when he started handing out money to local residents on the streets of his hometown Plymouth.

The 22 year-old entrepreneur became his career through the Forex and affiliate marketing industries, making a tidy sum whilst studying bio medicine at the University of Plymouth and still in his teens.

Today, he continues to grow his business through selling goods online, generating income as an affiliate, including products such as clocks, yankee candles and other household items. He has helped thousands of other young affiliate marketers through his own training business called Academy to Earn, which offers a subscription based model.




Singh regularly posts about coming from humble beginnings, growing up in a two bed with his mother. But today, Singh is not shy or scared of showing his success or attracting attention, often posting videos to his 280,000 Instagram followers of his jet set lifestyle. This includes living and working from The Shard in London, regular trips to Gucci, driving around with his Maserati, Lamborghini or Mercedes and what TechRound describes as ‘his own version of Brewster’s Millions’ – the 1985 film where a minor league baseball player is challenged to spend as much money as possible in 30 days.

The controversial entrepreneur has also been featured in a BBC 1 documentary –Money, Mayhem and Maseratis (watch the teaser here).

Whilst this documentary has been pulled by the BBC, something tells us that this isn’t the last we have seen of Singh.


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