7: Haliba Abliz, Age 28

Company: Pearly Health

Age: 28

Website: https://pearlyhealth.com/

Business: Full range of organic powered smoothies using data-driven science for its benefits.


About Haliba and Pearly

This Uighur Entrepreneur has a mission to reimagine the Health Experience of the Future. Inspired by the plentiful fruits and vegetables grown in the Urumqi region, home of the historical Silk Road, Haliba Abliz started Pearly to share her passion for clean eating with the world.

Pearly, a Swiss direct-to-consumer food-tech, combines technology and nutrition with the power of nature, to provide access to high quality products in a sustainable and efficient way.

Haliba noticed that for the average healthy person, balanced nutrition is inconvenient; with 90% of Americans not meeting their five servings of fruit and veggies per day and 92% of millennials replacing their meal with on the go-snacks.

Pearly partnered with food-technologists to develop a full range of organic powered smoothies, made exclusively from real fruits and vegetables, and backed by dietary science where each packet is made from a combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and superfoods carefully selected by a nutritionist. Each mix is formulated for personal wellness goals and correspond to the equivalent of 2-3 servings of fruit and veggies.




Ready in 20 seconds, Pearly smoothies are packaged in pocket sizes, making it easy to carry batches of it. Each packet can be turned into a 330ML smoothie, with a choice of five flavours mixed to nutritional aspects, and packed according to their specific nutritious benefits.

Pearly uses “freeze-dried technology”, a process used for space nutrition, which keeps the vitamins, minerals, fibre, carbs, and protein intact while preserving natural taste. This also helps in reducing food waste, since its products have more than 1 year shelf life when compared to traditional pre-made bottled smoothies and uses eco-friendly packaging.

“I believe that we need to contribute more to healthier lifestyles, as of the current moment, we are still at an early stage in healthy lifestyle adoption, a major part of our societies are looking for healthy alternatives, and I wish that I can help contribute to make lives more healthy with Pearly.” says Haliba, Founder of Pearly.

Following an initial seed round from the European VC Lian Group, Pearly is targeting European expansion and developing additional product lines in the meal replacement space.


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