8: Timothy Armoo, Age 27


Company: Fanbytes

Age: 27

Website: https://fanbytes.co.uk/

Business: Marketing Agency that is helping brands to engage Gen Z audiences in the most interactive ways.


About Timothy and Fanbytes

Timothy, who is 27 years old now, has been heavily influenced by business and technology starting his first company, Alpha Tutoring at 14 and his second EntrepreneurXpress at 17, which he ended up selling 11 months later.

In his second year of university, Timothy started Fanbytes after seeing how marketing to Gen Z was broken.

Now in 2021, Fanbytes is a 50-person company helping brands like Deliveroo, McDonalds, Nike and many more to inspire and motivate Gen Z through their advertising campaigns. In more recent years Fanbytes has had a specific focus on TikTok.




During the pandemic the UK-based startup grew from 27 employees to 57, and in 2020 also launched a new fund to help support black businesses and creators through the Fanbytes fund. The Fanbytes fund invests and funds influencer campaigns for black businesses, aiming to erode the cycle of a lack of support and funding for black owned businesses.

Timothy is also an internally renowned speaker on the topic of marketing, sharing the stage with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix as well as many others. Timothy also is a regular guest columnist writing for outlets such as The Guardian and Campaign Magazine.

Timothy’s single mindedness is changing the way the marketing world views Gen Z, drawing a lot of attention with his candid thoughts on marketing and seeing him grow an audience of tens of thousands of people on Linkedin.


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