9: Anthony Collias, Age 27 & Jacob Wedderburn-Day, Age 28

Company: Treepoints

Age: 27 and 28

Website: http://treepoints.green/

Business: A subscription service that allows the everyday individual to live more sustainably by offsetting footprints.


About Anthony, Jacob and Treepoints

Anthony Collias and Jacob Wedderburn-Day had just finished a funding round and been named in Forbes 30 under 30 when the pandemic hit and grounded sales for their tech startup Stasher to 0 for April and May 2020. The only positive silver lining they could draw from the year was the favourable effect of the pandemic on the climate.

This caused them to think more deeply about the bigger issues at hand – in a time where everything seemed so uncertain, the one thing that was certain was the climate crisis the earth is facing. They realised most people are worried about climate change and want to do good for the planet. But it’s knowing where to start which can be daunting.

And so Treepoints was born! A subscription service that makes it easy for the everyday individual to live more sustainably. Not only does the startup offset an individual’s or businesses footprint, but it’s the world’s first platform to reward you for doing so.

To do this, Treepoints offers a solution (i.e. the rewards platform) that incentivises people to join and add features that audiences would engage with. The app also provides a simple API integration for businesses to make their products and services climate positive through carbon offsetting, plastic collection and tree planting.




Anthony and Jacob launched the business in beta in November 2020, using the experience they had gained from starting Stasher from scratch in 2015. They discovered that many of their skills were transferable, for example, creating a suitable business model, creating a website, finding partners, and gaining traction and momentum.

The start-up has already partnered with the likes of Patagonia, Brewdog, Allies of Skin, Mindful chef you name it! Planted over 50,000 trees and offset 5000 tones of CO2. Treepoints has also just added plastic collection (recycling) to their subscription.

At the end of just 28 and 26 respectively, Anthony and Jacob have been recognised on international stages; employed 20 people; launched in 250 cities worldwide; turned over more than $2m in 2019 for Stasher; experienced 3-4x growth (2021 v 2020) for Treepoints; created a category – Stasher being the first luggage storage platform in the world; and launched the word’s first platform to reward you for reducing your carbon footprint (Treepoints).


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