10: Tash Grossman, Age 24

Company: Slip

Age: 24

Website: https://www.tryslip.com/

Business: A retailer agnostic app, that allows customers to receive digital receipts, simply through scanning a QR code.


About Tash and Slip

Tash Grossman is the CEO and founder of Slip, an app allowing customers to get digital receipts via QR code scanning. She has been a finalist in Verizon’s Young Entrepreneur Competition, graduated the founder Institute programme and most recently, voted Retail Week’s Startup of The Year for Data & Insight and runner-up to the full competition.

In January 2020; the soon-to-be entrepreneur was stood in a 45-minute queue at Zara waiting to return a pair of trousers. The buckle had broken, and Tash was wanting to exchange them for a new pair, but had lost her receipt. After queuing (impatiently), she was told, ‘no receipt, no exchange’ and felt unbelievably frustrated. It wasn’t that the trousers were bank breaking, but it was the lack of a digital alternative that irritated her more.




Knowing she wasn’t alone in finding e-receipts a substandard alternative, Tash spent time researching and discovered she was in good company. E-receipts have significantly low adoption rates, mainly caused by the process-heavy checkout experience.

Realising there was a gap for a digital solution that meets the needs of Retailers and their shoppers, Slip began to evolve – a retailer agnostic app, that allows customers to receive digital receipts, simply through scanning a QR code. No more emails, no more paper.

It has sustainability at its core, driven by eliminating harmful non-recyclable receipts. Customers can view and manage their omnichannel spending and receive exclusive discounts offers and personalised content based on what they buy. For Retailers, it provides powerful data and insights around consumer trends at product level. In an age where omnichannel shopping is increasingly popular, retailers need first-party data to understand customers’ buying habits.

Fast forward almost two years and Tash has quit Management Consulting to solve this problem for customers like herself. The past 18-months of development have been a roller-coaster with late nights and early starts, but each day has been an exponential learning journey.

This motivated entrepreneur has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of new people across the tech, start-up and retail landscape, all who have added value to the business, exploring concepts she had never discovered and opening doors assumed firmly closed.


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