29: Michael Wadsworth, Age 28

Company: adoor

Age: 28

Website: https://adoor.co.uk/

Business: Online platform to track your house move.


About Michael and adoor

adoor is the online platform to track the progress of the entire chain and connect everyone involved in one place – the home for your house move you might say.

Michael started adoor with the question: why is it easier to track your Deliveroo than your house move? If you’ve moved or know someone who has, it’s an emotional and stressful process that should be exciting as people look forward to opening a door to their new home.




There’s no easy way for buyers & sellers to check the progress of their move without calling or emailing to chase for updates. It should be easy for you to log in, see when the next stage is due, what comes next, where you are in the process and common questions answered instantly. This is what everyone expects in 2021!

Michael built adoor to help buyers and sellers better understand the process to buy or sell a property and track the process online whenever works for them. By connecting conveyancers, estate agents and mortgage brokers/lenders, there’s one platform to keep everyone on the same page.

Since starting adoor, Michael has created a multi-sided marketplace that connects key stakeholders in one place. This had yet to be achieved by the Law Society or Land Registry in their failed attempts to do so. They’ve also created the launch platform to gauge feedback and to create the final beta.

Michael and adoor’s plans for the coming year are to continue to build more integrations and partnerships. This would build on a current launch with Thirdfort and Search Acumen built into adoor. They’re also soon to launch Stripe Payments alongside CRM and CMS integrations to eliminate double keying.

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