28: Oliver Andersen-Cox, Age 28

Company: Ping Culture

Age: 28

Website: https://ping-culture.com/

Business: An app helping users discover and book the best experiences in London.


About Oliver and Ping Culture

Oliver Andersen-Cox is the founder and CEO of Ping Culture, which he started over 2 years ago. The idea for Ping Culture came after spending time travelling and realising there wasn’t a platform (that was any good) to help people find and book amazing experiences in any city in the world.


ping culture logo

ping culture


When starting Ping Culture, Oliver faced a number of challenges, the initial challenge being that he could only code basic websites (as he claims “not very good ones!”) and had to learn every bit of tech that Ping Culture now includes.

A second challenge for Oliver was the face he was living in Cape Town with 2 full time remote jobs, and had to juggle those whilst developing the app. Oliver comments “Given that I looked forward to working on my own company, this really helped me push through the crazy work hours.” 

Once the pandemic hit, it could have all but ended the vision, however Ping Culture are now 4 founders strong and used the pandemic as a period of learning and reinventing, coming out the other side with a product the team are immensely happy with.

Ping culture now have a revolutionary loyalty system to add to the discover aspect of the app, which they envisioned helping the hospitality industry bounce back from its notoriously difficult past year.

Ping Culture is now the ultimate app for those hedonistic needs, helping people find the perfect day/night out, making it easy to book, get tickets and even order their taxi from one place, with the added bonus of rewarding people for spending.

Ping Culture is more than just an app. Their business dashboard (built by Oliver and co-founder Sam Duarte-Davies) provides a business with a modern way to reach new customers and nurture loyalty with push notification marketing, incredible analytics and customisation of their Ping pages.

This year, Oliver’s focus is rolling out the UK’s first friction-free loyalty program, which uses transactions made by users at Ping Culture’s partner venues, to reward them with points via push notification. These venues create their own incredible rewards to encourage loyalty to them in which users can pick and choose to redeem as and when they please.

Oliver comments that: “Being a start up we are able to work closely with all our venues and put on events which not only market the app, but showcase how incredible these venues are. In doing so we’ve been able to meet some amazing people in the industry which has only made us more determined to become the best hospitality app in the world.”

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