27: Sachin Raoul, Age 28

Company: Blueheart

Age: 28

Website: https://www.blueheart.io/

Business: A digital sex therapy app


About Sachin and Blueheart

Blueheart is building the world’s most intelligent therapeutic platform for relationships. They want to make sure everyone is able to access sex and relationship therapy without being constrained by cost, location or shame. After experiencing issues around sex that took a toll on Sachin’s mental health, they found sex therapy to be hugely beneficial. But it’s a process that’s out of reach for many due to high costs and lack of specialised professionals.




The app was created to tear down the accessibility barriers around sex and relationship therapy, to help others struggling with sexual dysfunction. Since starting Blueheart, they’ve helped over 25,000 users with their journey to overcome sexual dysfunction, and enjoy sex again.

They have experienced many of the same difficulties that any new company doing category creation has; convincing people that the market is huge. It’s challenging to paint a future of the world that looks so different from today. Time after time we speak to investors that acknowledge sex and relationship problems as niche when, in actual fact, they’re almost universal.

However, our willingness as a society to engage with and discuss these ‘taboo’ topics more openly is growing. This is helping take important conversations into the mainstream, along with the solutions, like Blueheart, that are being built to address them. They’ve also had challenges when it comes to advertising, as anyone working in sextech will tell you. There are vague rules that allow social media platforms to make undisciplined decisions on what is and isn’t permitted.

In some cases, several of their adverts were spontaneously banned after running for 2 months, despite already passing checks. Any entrepreneurs out there looking to innovate in the sextech space should be aware that they will not have the same access to advertising channels as companies and products in other industries, so you will need to get creative!

They’re currently working on making the platform more personalised, to really target the specific issues people have, as the first tranche of content is directed at heterosexual couples who are experiencing sex drive discrepancy. It’s critical to their mission to be inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities so that we can help more people, especially those that have historically been excluded from research and therapy.

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