5: Nessim Sariel-Gaon, Age 27


Company: LIAN Group

Age: 27

Website: https://liangroup.io

Business: A private equity firm focusing on investing in disrupting technologies.


About Nessim and LIAN Group

Nessim Sariel-Gaon is one of the young stars in the European Venture Capitalist scene.

Having studied Mathematics at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Nessim went on to gain Master’s degrees in Managerial and Financial Economics at the world renowned business school, HEC Paris followed by a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering at USC, Berkeley, Calfornia.

After gaining experience in equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs in London, Nessim, still in his early 20s, co-founded the LIAN Group in 2017, a private equity firm focusing on investing in disruptive technologies and building a long-term infrastructure for institutional participation in the technology ecosystem.



The company has an enviable track record to date, deploying more than $300M into tech companies on a global scale.

Nessim has raised and invested high 8-digit amounts into companies such as BitFury, Alto Pharmacy and Indigo while also building a strong real estate franchise on the side.

Nessim is also a philanthropist; in 2019 he launched the LIAN Foundation, a millennial-orientated foundation that contributes to funding high social impact initiatives. To date, more than $5M has been donated.


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