11. Nutcracker Agency

Company: Nutcracker Agency

Founder(s): Jenny Knighting

Website: https://www.nutcrackeragency.com/




When it comes to PR, Nutcracker understands that number-driven results won’t tell you how your brand makes your audience feel. Instead, Nutcracker measure the emotional response from your audience, the virality of your content and your share of voice in your target media.

As a multi-award winning agency, Nutcracker PR’s vision is simple – get clients talked about, noticed and seen. The PR team is made up of journalists who really understand what content will make a difference, by writing PR in a fresh innovative way, it gives Nutcracker’s clients the opportunity to benefit from meaningful coverage which opens doors.

Nutcracker’s PR service covers securing coverage in traditional media, pro-actively finding articles for comment inclusion and link building. The company really get under the skin of clients, their perspective readers and then work hard to build stories to bring it to life.

Specialists in big announcements, changing company perception or opening fresh sectors, Nutcracker has a proven track record with delivering results. They have worked with a mix of businesses from ambitious start-up’s through to larger businesses that need to change their reputations.

Take a recent campaign which saw the company support an existing tech client from start-up through to acquisition and handle the global announcement – the acquisition announcement saw Nutcracker outperform targeted coverage numbers and secure interviews with the founder to core press. The result? Happy publications and a happy client.

Nutcracker PR specialises in tech, data and manufacturing focusing on giving clients a voice, a story and to making sure they are heard.


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