3. Wachsman

Company: Wachsman

Founder(s): David Wachsman

Website: https://wachsman.com/




Wachsman is a communications-based strategy consultancy specialising in blockchain and emerging technology. The company are headquartered in Dublin with sister agencies in New York and Singapore.

Wachsman recorded a stellar year of sustainable growth despite the most challenging of macro- and sector-specific market conditions. They have future-proofed the business and laid the foundations for long-term success, completing a strategic repositioning of their role in an ever-more sophisticated, ever-more visible emerging tech landscape. Wachsman are not just PR vendors; the company’s mission today is to be trusted advisors to the new economy’s founders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and risk-takers, believing that the Future Belongs to the Fearless.

What so many of Wachsman’s 2020 projects have in common is heralding the growing credibility and main stream adoption of blockchain technology. As the largest consultancy in the blockchain space, Wachsman has continued to drive the maturation of an incipient industry. The company are professionalising reputation management and helping to shift consumer and enterprise decision-maker perceptions of blockchain: less crypto Wild West, more a transformative technology with profound, far-reaching implications across multiple sectors.

Wachsman achieved stellar growth in 2020, alongside some incredible work carried out on behalf of clients. In 2020, Wachsman had:

  •  35 new retained clients and projects
  • 25% increase in average monthly retainer value
  • 40% increase in average contract length
  • 100% year on year increase in number of retained clients in December 2020

As well as this, Wachsman continued to invest in their people and long-term future throughout 2020. The company had 8 new hires, a 33% headcount increase, and gave 10 internal promotions.

Wachsman has a special culture, and that played a big part in helping their young, hungry and immensely talented team stay motivated and fulfilled even after the company’s transition to remote work in March 2020.


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