31. Carli Communications

Company: Carli Communications

Founder(s): Carla Williams Johnson

Website: http://www.carlimedia.com/




Carla Williams Johnson is an award winning Media Marketing Specialist based in Trinidad & Tobago. She founded Carli Communications which helps both business owners and entrepreneurs gain the clarity and the confidence to unapologetically make their mark in the world.

On the surface, she helps persons market their business, but what she really does is give business owners and entrepreneurs a unique strategy specific to them so they can show up and showcase themselves, connect with their ideal audience and make the impact and income they desire.

Her philosophy is to help you M.A.P out your business through (M)arketing, (A)dvertising and (P)ublicity in order to A.M.P up your business through (A)ction, (M)otivation, (P)rogress.

She has conducted thousands of advertising campaigns and has secured publicity for hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs. She believes wholeheartedly that right now businesses need to be even more strategic with limited funds and while we may not be in control of a lot of things, we are in control of our brand’s visibility to ensure that our people see, hear and remember us.

Using her proven framework, clients have affirmed that they have experienced an increase in both online engagement and offline sales of as much as 80% through the use of publicity and has helped them gain credibility and authority in their industry.

Carla has been named one of the top marketers to follow and has been featured in global publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global and BuzzFeed to name a few. Her inspiring story and her desire to help others has taken her around the world to places such as China, Australia, India, The USA, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and across the Caribbean.


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