11. Dr. Ilana Wisby, CEO at Oxford Quantum Circuits

Name: Dr. Ilana Wisby

Position: CEO

Company: Oxford Quantum Circuits

Website: https://oxfordquantumcircuits.com/

Oxford Quantum Circuits

About Dr. Ilana Wisby and Oxford Quantum Circuits


Since I founded OQC in 2017, we have been working on bridging the quantum adoption gap and making quantum computing more accessible to organisations. In 2022, we launched OQC Lucy – the UK’s sole commercially accessible quantum computer. Named after the renowned quantum physicist Lucy Mensing, it not only advanced quantum technology beyond the laboratory doors, but also celebrated women in science who have made this possible for us.

Our approach includes integrating quantum computers, also known as colocation, into data centres – a capability that sets us apart from other companies worldwide. For businesses this means that they don’t need to purchase quantum hardware upfront – instead, they can seamlessly tap into quantum, explore and leverage its potential and upskill their teams.

Transitioning quantum computing from laboratory settings to enterprise environments can present significant challenges. Me and my team faced the difficult task of how to adapt OQC’s systems for operation within commercial data centres and leave the controlled environment of a lab behind. Our goal was to create scalable and fault-tolerant systems, capable of functioning effectively in real-world settings. To overcome this barrier, we dedicated extensive effort to designing and producing chips and systems tailored specifically for data centre use, and as a result, OQC Toshiko was born.

Toshiko is named after well-renowned Japanese nuclear physicist Toshiko Yusana, one of the first Japanese female physicists who is widely celebrated as a role model for many women working in quantum. Toshiko is a powerful quantum-ready platform that businesses can use to access commercial quantum computing from data centres. With 32 qubits, OQC Toshiko easily integrates quantum capabilities into existing data infrastructure.

Toshiko marks a big leap forward in our mission to bring quantum to businesses’ fingertips, and so this year we’re raising $100 million in a Series B funding round to fuel further research and international expansion across Asia and Europe. Through these initiatives, we’re continuing to revolutionise the quantum landscape and make quantum computing a reality for businesses worldwide.

Founder and CEO of Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), Dr. Ilana Wisby has over a decade of experience in the quantum industry. Inspired by Dr. Peter Leek’s work at the University of Oxford, who developed OQC’s core patent at the University of Oxford – Ilana worked with several start-ups, building them from the ground up, before founding OQC in 2017. Beyond the constraints of academia, Ilana now leads OQC with the aim of bringing the next-generation platform of hundreds of qubits to businesses globally.




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