15. Clementine Brown, CEO at CodeBrave

Name: Clementine Brown

Position: CEO

Company: CodeBrave

Website: https://codebravetutors.org




About Clementine Brown and CodeBrave


CodeBrave started at a shelter in Lebanon when a boy living there asked us to teach him Python instead of English and Maths. We decided to start giving coding and robotics classes as we realised the growing importance of digital literacy and 21st-century skills. Since then, we have taught 1,522 youth and children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Lebanon for around 48,739 hours of learning (collectively).

In 2021, we broke away from the traditional charity model and established CodeBrave Tutors, our social enterprise. CodeBrave Tutors offer online coding tuition to children aged 5+ worldwide, with our main markets in the UK and UAE. All profits from our social enterprise go to fund free tech education for children in Lebanon. We were recently featured on WIRED MENA and in Deloitte MENA’s Fast50 tech companies.




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