16. Holly Jackson and Kalila Bolton, Co-Founders at SheSpot

Name: Holly Jackson and Kalila Bolton

Position: Co-Founders

Company: SheSpot

Website: https://shespot.co.uk/




About Holly Jackson and Kalila Bolton and SheSpot


Holly and Kalila are the Co-Founders of women’s sexual wellness FemTech platform SheSpot.

Meeting in their first week of university in 2012, Holly & Kalila became fast friends, sharing a passion for women’s health and a shared frustration about the stigma and taboo surrounding women’s pleasure. Following corporate careers in law and consulting, the duo launched SheSpot as a side hustle in 2021 with the aim of bringing women’s sexual well-being into the mainstream, taking the plunge and leaving their day jobs in 2023 to focus on SheSpot full-time.

The mission behind SheSpot is to create an empowering e-commerce destination for women to explore their sexuality, discover body-safe and trusted products to support their sexual well-being and provide women with content and education throughout their varying life stages. Powered by data and AI recommender tools, SheSpot straddles commerce with content and provides a fresh new take on the sexual well-being space.

Launching and growing a FemTech business focused on pleasure comes with many challenges unique to the space. Holly & Kalila have had to overcome social media censorship and the inability to run online advertising due to regulations banning mention of women’s pleasure products. This challenge and residual stigma only fuels the founders’ mission to reach more women and normalise the conversation around sexual well-being. SheSpot has reached audiences of millions through partnerships with household names like Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and Killing Kittens and has launched e-concessions on Sephora and Superdrug. SheSpot is closing its pre-seed investment round and has huge plans for the coming year, including exciting updates to the platform, introducing a first-of-its-kind level of personalisation, and scaling its audience to many more millions of women across the world.




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