17. Steph Hamill FRSA, CEO/Co-Founder/Entrepreneur in Residence at Divergence Supplements / Mettle / Oneday

Name: Steph Hamill FRSA

Position:CEO/Co-Founder/Entrepreneur in Residence

Company: Divergence Supplements / Mettle / Oneday

Website: https://divergencesupplements.com/


Divergence Supplements


About Steph Hamill FRSA and Divergence Supplements / Mettle / Oneday


As a pioneering force in the tech and wellness industries, Steph Hamill focuses her journey with a vision to harness the power of neurodiversity and innovation to create impactful change.

From co-founding Divergence Supplements, a groundbreaking venture providing targeted support for Neuro-wellness and neurodivergent individuals, to her instrumental roles in Mettle and Oneday, her career is a testament to her commitment to driving inclusivity and empowerment in the tech and startup space. Overcoming challenges such as navigating the complexities of co-launching a health tech startup and breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry, Steph has consistently demonstrated resilience, creativity, and leadership.

Her work at Divergence Supplements not only addresses a significant gap in the wellness market but also advocates for the neurodiverse community. Offering natural, science-backed solutions tailored to their unique needs is just the start of their journey.

At Mettle, as the Chief Innovation and Experience Officer and a key investor, she’s been pivotal in helping develop the app targeting men’s mental fitness, leveraging technology to offer accessible, effective support, with Bear Grylls, Paul McKenna and Dr Alex George. The team raised over £2.5Million in the seed investment round and recently became Apple’s App of the Day.

Her engagement with Oneday as MBA faculty and Senior Entrepreneur in Residence showcases her dedication to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, fostering a culture of innovation, and encouraging diverse thinking in business strategy, personally supporting over 250+ startup and scale-up founders.

For this year, Steph’s plans are as ambitious as they are impactful. Focused on scaling Divergence Supplements internationally, she aims to make neuro-wellness accessible worldwide. At Mettle, she’s supporting the app’s evolution and broader outreach to address men’s mental health on a global scale. Through Oneday, she continues to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasising sustainable, socially responsible business practises, building academic content, leading workshops and launch houses and speaking at summits.

Steph’s journey is a beacon for women in tech and startups, embodying the change she wishes to see in the industry. Her story is not just about overcoming challenges but about redefining success, embracing diversity, and paving the way for a more inclusive, innovative future.




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