18. Jennifer Agerton, Chief Product Officer at AirHelp

Name: Jennifer Agerton

Position: Chief Product Officer

Company: AirHelp

Website: https://www.airhelp.com/en-gb/




About Jennifer Agerton and AirHelp


Jennifer Agerton is Chief Product Officer at AirHelp, the world’s leading travel technology company supporting passengers with flight disruptions. In her role, Jennifer is responsible for overseeing product management, design, user research and localisation departments. Working closely with the senior leadership team, she has redefined the company mission and developed a product strategy that expands the company’s scope beyond its legacy business to better serve global passengers.

Jennifer transitioned to the technology industry in 2011, while completing her MBA/Masters in Strategic Management. She started as a Program Manager at Dell before progressing to Global Product Manager. Jennifer also held roles at Skyscanner as Principal Product Manager and VP of Product at letgo, before joining AirHelp in 2021.

This move to the technology sector, and finding a career path that fit her passions and strengths, was a daunting prospect. However, she took these challenges in her stride and learnt the product management craft, building her own product and leadership philosophy working across a variety of leading technology companies.

In her role at letgo in 2020, the company was acquired by OfferUp. Leading the product function, Jennifer was responsible for consolidating the two marketplaces, both from a strategy and market perspective. This transition took letgo from an online used goods marketplace in the US to one that disrupted the used car market in Turkey, with a solution that combined online and brick-and-mortar experiences.

Having joined AirHelp post-COVID, Jennifer was tasked with researching, rebuilding and implementing an impact-led product development process. She also restructured the product and engineering teams for better alignment with business objectives, created new strategic leadership roles and established a career path for her departments. In addition, Jennifer was the key driver in launching AirHelp’s new insurance product last year, which provides quick payouts when passengers face flight delays or cancellations.

Looking to the future, Jennifer’s focus is to further establish AirHelp’s culture and amplify opportunities across the company’s product infrastructure through market expansion and innovation to support even more disrupted passengers across the globe. As well as growing the business through its core products, Jennifer is also exploring new services and offerings that will further help customers throughout their travel journey.




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