20. Farnoush Mirmoeini, Co-founder at KYC Hub

Name: Farnoush Mirmoeini

Position: Co-founder

Company: KYC Hub

Website: https://www.kychub.com



KYC Hub | LinkedIn



About Farnoush Mirmoeini and KYC Hub


Farnoush is the co-founder of KYC Hub, a RegTech SaaS enabling organizations to automate AML compliance. She started KYC Hub because she believes intelligent automation and a risk-driven approach overhauls compliance and save the industry from skyrocketing costs and AML fines. Her views are regularly quoted in major publications e.g. IBS journal, Money Laundering Bulletin, The Fintech Times and Trader’s Magazine. She regularly blogs on Finextra.

Farnoush has spent her career in innovation and fintech, in various stage startups, consulting and investment banks. She founded and grew KYC Hub and also raised two rounds of financing from investors and formed strategic partnerships with global organizations. Farnoush ideated and built innovative products that have been well received by clients who have seen significant drops of over 70% in their compliance costs.

Through her leadership, KYC Hub has won numerous awards including recognition in RegTech 100 as one of the most disruptive regulatory technology companies, AI in fintech 100 (the most disruptive 100 AI companies in fintech), as well as number 46 on UK’s most disruptive startups.

Farnoush has been included in Innovate Finance’s Women in Fintech Power List as a Senior Leader, top 100 Women in Tech, as well as Women In Tech Excellence Award and most powerful European women in fintech shortlist. Farnoush is passionate about representation of women in fintech (and in STEM overall). As a senior woman as well as an ethnic minority in fintech she has faced many challenges, and she is determined to pave the way for the newer generation. She is a dedicated advocate for initiatives that empower women to excel in fintech. Recognizing the value of diversity in fostering innovation, she actively supports programs that provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and skill-building for women in technology. Her commitment is to challenge stereotypes, eliminate prejudice in the highest level of decision making, and ensuring that the transformative potential of fintech is harnessed by a diverse and talented workforce, including founders, investors, and developers.

2024 has started with a promising slew of client acquisitions including some of the largest international brands. KYC Hub continues to grow in the UK and US with Tier 1 enterprises, and is looking to expand in the MENA region under Farnoush’s leadership and is participating in several initiatives to combat money laundering in the region through technological products.




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