3. Sunita Gordon, Co-founder at SaferSpace

Name: Sunita Gordon

Position: Co-founder

Company: SaferSpace

Website: https://saferspace.io/




About Sunita Gordon and SaferSpace


SaferSpace enables organisations: businesses, uniformed services, public services and educational institutions to prevent and manage the reporting of harassment, discrimination and other forms of misconduct in the workplace.

In the UK 58 per cent of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, and on campus 68 per cent of students have suffered harassment. But 79 per cent of victims don’t report it. The horrifying statistics and daily national stories we read and see every day motivated us to create this tool, we all desperately need safer environments.

As females who have worked since our late teens, my Co-Founder, Ruth, and I have both sadly experienced harassment and discrimination throughout our careers.

We decided to do something about it.

SaferSpace is a mobile app that allows users to report incidents such as sexual harassment, discrimination, racism, and other forms of misconduct with just a few taps on their smartphones. Users can upload media such as video and images, and can, if required remain anonymous.

It is a simple, yet powerful tool that enables organisations to deal with these incidents promptly.

The way that we have designed SaferSpace is to provide an environment for employees and students to report their concerns without fear of judgement or repercussions, which also enables the organisation to identify ‘hot spots’. By understanding the frequency and nature of issues, organisations can develop effective interventions.

The most common reason for people not reporting is not knowing whether what they’ve experienced warrants a complaint. So, we’ve built an AI chatbot, trained on the UK’s Equality Act so users can ask questions before they make a complaint.

Lots of organisations have robust policies in place, but policies don’t equal protection.

The Worker Protection Act will come into play in October, this year. The Act creates a ‘preventative duty’ of sexual harassment in the workplace – meaning employers B create a culture of prevention and SaferSpace can help. Part of the Act requires that organisations must provide clear reporting mechanisms, and promptly address concerns.

SaferSpace also works as a reputation management tool to bring about positive change, to foster a safer, more respectful environment.

In time, we hope that when people are applying for jobs, they are going to look for employers who have the SaferSpace logo on their websites.

SaferSpace stands out as a female-led innovation. Our ‘mission is that every work or study space will be a safe haven’, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a solution that addresses not just the challenges of physical interactions but also, promotes mental and emotional well-being in work and study environments.

SaferSpace is more than just a technology start-up; we are innovators, educators, and advocates committed to creating a safer, more inclusive world where everyone feels protected. Our achievements to date are just the start. With the support of the tech and start-up communities, we will be poised to extend our impact, transform interactions, and ensure that every space is a SaferSpace.




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