2. Inas Ismail, Co-founder and Product Director at Autsera

Name: Inas Ismail

Position: Co-founder and Product Director

Company: Autsera

Website: https://autsera.com/



About Inas Ismail and Autsera


Inas Ismail is the co-founder of Autsera, using technology and gamification to change the lives of autistic and special needs children, one social communication skill at a time.

Autsera, a name derived from autism and serra (incubator in Latin), was set up just before covid as Inas and her co-founder, Omar Massoud, witnessed first-hand the difference early intervention can make in children’s lives, and realised that many parents do not have access to the intervention their children need. With COVID lockdowns causing more delays in access to service with some children waiting precious years before being seen or admitted, Autsera’s work has become more and more valuable.

Autsera has launched QuadEmo, a game app helping children become more emotionally intelligent and socially engaged, a skill that has been delayed in many children by lockdown. Their second app, an app helping children with speech delay, is currently in beta testing at the speech and language services in a London borough, and will soon be used by children on the National Autistic Society (NAS) records, as part of a partnership with NAS, the biggest autism organisation in the UK.

Inas has won the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award in 2023, and Autsera’s team has won 2 other prestigious Innovate UK awards. Autsera has received generous grant funding from Innovate UK, and has won a place in London’s GoogleforStartups’ first Female Founders Residency, Digital Health London Launchpad support programme, and SETsquared Women’s Entrepreneurs Support Programme. Autsera has also been supported by Vodafone Social Institute, NatWest, and Plexal’s Social Inclusion Programme.




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