1. Charlotte Fuller, Director at Your Digital Transformation Consultant Ltd. (Trading as Technically Confident)

Name: Charlotte Fuller

Position: Director

Company: Your Digital Transformation Consultant Ltd. (Trading as Technically Confident)

Website: https://www.technicallyconfident.com/


Technically Confident


About Charlotte Fuller and Your Digital Transformation Consultant Ltd. (Trading as Technically Confident)


Technically Confident: Empowering Women in Tech:

Technically Confident is dedicated to supporting women and diverse business owners in leveraging technology to drive growth and innovation within their ventures. Our mission is to provide tailored support and resources, fostering inclusivity and empowerment in the tech industry. We believe in breaking barriers and creating opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs to thrive.

Since its inception three years ago, Technically Confident has been a beacon of support for women and diverse founders. Our founder, Charlotte Fuller, recognized the need for a platform that not only provided guidance but also celebrated the achievements of underrepresented voices in tech. Through Technically Confident, Charlotte has spearheaded initiatives to drive innovation and inclusivity, creating a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

Despite facing challenges such as negativity from previous co-workers and the constraints of bootstrapping, we have continued to grow and make an impact. Our aim for the upcoming year is to significantly expand the Technically Confident brand, reaching more women and diverse business owners to increase their presence in the tech industry. We plan to partner with funding providers and expand our advisory and development team to offer digital products and services that support a greater number of entrepreneurs.

At Technically Confident, we are committed to showing entrepreneurs the benefits of leveraging technology to drive revenue, increase customer bases, and build valuable long-term assets. We believe that by empowering women and diverse individuals in tech, we can create a more inclusive and innovative future for all.

Key Accomplishments:

Founder of Technically Confident: Charlotte established Technically Confident and has provided tailored support and resources for diverse and female founders. Through this initiative, she spearheads efforts to drive innovation and inclusivity in the industry, fostering a supportive ecosystem for underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Women In Tech Speaker: Charlotte regularly shares insights and experiences as a speaker at events and organizations dedicated to women in technology and business. Her compelling talks inspire audiences to pursue their passions and surmount barriers in the predominantly male tech landscape.

Technically Confident Podcast Host: Charlotte amplifies diverse voices and perspectives through her podcast, engaging with industry experts and entrepreneurs to delve into topics spanning business strategy to technology trends. The podcast serves as an invaluable resource for aspiring founders and business owners seeking guidance and inspiration on their entrepreneurial journey.

Certified Business & Tech Strategist: Charlotte’s professional accolades include certification as a business and technology strategist, attesting to her adeptness in navigating the intersection of business goals and technological advancements.




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