32. Agnieszka Suchwalko, PhD, Chief Operation Officer and Co-Founder at QuantUp

Name: Agnieszka Suchwalko, PhD

Position: Chief Operation Officer and Co-Founder

Company: QuantUp

Website: https://quantup.ai

QuantUp | LinkedIn

About Agnieszka Suchwalko, PhD and QuantUp


I consider myself a dinosaur of the AI industry in Europe. With 15 years of experience in professional data analysis, I specialise in the analysis of image data. I have extensive experience in projects related to AI and computer vision, especially in fintech, e-commerce, proptech, industry (energy, logistics) and life sciences.

But this professional story started with the commercialisation of my PhD, which was about how to speed up the identification of bacterial species. That was the turning point.

To do this, I founded (with my husband and partners) an AI company called QuantUp a few years ago. And we achieved amazing results. My team had reduced the time it took to identify bacterial species from 7 days to literally 24 hours. Why is this important, you might ask? In bacterial infections such as sepsis or water contamination, time is of the essence. In addition to the astonishing reduction in analysis time, over 96% accuracy has been achieved, confirmed by an accredited laboratory. What’s more, the application of AI to life sciences has made it possible to identify multiple bacterial species in a single test, making it much cheaper.

It was probably for the first time that we used QuantUp Thinking, a proprietary, indigenous methodology for implementing AI projects. It’s one of a kind. It has become our business standard / advantage to work with our customers.

Apart from building relationships with clients, the biggest challenge is building A-teams. Of course, I have learnt a lot from my own mistakes. You have to know that in the AI business you have to take care of building multidisciplinary teams. Without knowing this and being fully convinced of it, you will never fully understand this area.

More than two years ago, I designed a “soul”, also known as AI algorithms, for Martha, a smart elevator that won the Proptech Festival 2022 award. With this project, she demonstrated how the application of AI (computer vision) can be combined with privacy issues.

Currently, I am now focusing on three projects. One is related to developing computer vision-driven AI engine for e-commerce. The second is related to the entertainment industry. And the last one is a Herodotus. This is a side project turned product that is a GPT based assistant for clear tasks in customer projects. This allows both the level of customer service and employee experience/work satisfaction to be increased. Surprisingly, interest from other companies helped us decide that Herodotus would be our product. It is currently being tested by software companies as well as energy and food companies. Herodotus works in the Slack stack, but will soon be available for other technology stacks such as Microsoft/MS Teams.




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