33. Michal Karnibad, Co-CEO at VerifyMy

Name: Michal Karnibad

Position: Co-CEO

Company: VerifyMy

Website: https://verifymy.io/


Safety Tech Solutions | VerifyMy


About Michal Karnibad and VerifyMy


Michal Karnibad is a Co-CEO of VerifyMy, the leading online safety tech provider with a mission to provide frictionless, trustworthy solutions for online platforms to maintain their integrity, protect their reputation and safeguard their users.

At the click of a button, children and other vulnerable people can be exposed to unsafe, age-inappropriate or illegal content online. Despite the best efforts of schools, parents, caregivers, awareness days and websites to guide online best practice, current processes are unable to keep our young people safe.

But now is not the time to point fingers on who is to blame. With child safety at stake, it is vital that all stakeholders come together and implement pragmatic solutions to solve the issue of how we best protect children online. Enter UK-based VerifyMy, and its Co-CEO Michal Karnibad.

VerifyMy, under Michal’s stewardship, is enjoying a period of sustained growth with the business having doubled headcount since she joined. Currently it has two products in the market that safeguard internet users.

VerifyMyAge is a seamless age assurance ecosystem that ensures users accessing platforms are of the required age and are only exposed to age-appropriate products and content. Secondly, VerifyMyContent is a robust identity verification and content moderation solution that detects and prevents illegal material from being uploaded onto user-generated content platforms.

An experienced and versatile general manager Michal joined VerifyMy in the summer of 2023 and has been key to the organisation’s recent growth. The company partners with businesses across a broad range of sectors including social media, live streaming, online video gaming, alcohol, vaping/eliquids and adult entertainment. Clients include eBay, Toolstation and Camden Town Brewery.

A software engineer by training, Michal arrived at VerifyMy with a wealth of knowledge and experience scaling technology businesses. She has multi-disciplinary experience and has worked across diverse industries from Financial Services and FinTech to eCommerce and Sustainability. Past experiences have also seen her work across continents and cultures for large, regulated companies including HSBC, PayPal, Citi cards and startups in various stages, focusing on scaling these up.

Outside of work Michal is a keen sportsperson, an avid runner and skier. She also has a passion for mentoring individuals looking to build technology businesses, providing her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Michal’s mission at VerifyMy is to rid the internet of the most horrendous online material imaginable, safeguarding children and creating a safer online society. This is the major challenge that the VerifyMy team is facing in today’s increasingly digital-first environment. But a challenge Michal is fully committed to tackling head on.




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