5. Phillipa Hicks, Co-founder at Seat Unique

phillipa hicks

Name: Phillipa Hicks

Position: Co-founder

Company: Seat Unique

Website: https://www.seatunique.com/


Seat Unique


About Phillipa Hicks and Seat Unique


Phillipa Hicks co-founded Seat Unique in 2018 at the age of just 26, driven by a mission to revolutionise the ticketing and hospitality industry. Spearheading the development of a disruptive product aimed at overcoming the challenges of ticket access, she has led Seat Unique to the forefront of innovation. Through cutting-edge technology, Seat Unique provides fans with access to unforgettable premium experiences while offering unparalleled revenue opportunities for rights holders.

However, a significant challenge emerged as Covid hit, severely impacting the events and ticketing sector. During this time, Phillipa invested significant time and effort in building a world-class product, anticipating the return of live events post-pandemic. Investors recognised the potential of Phillipa’s product and continued to support the company through the uncertainty. This, combined with Phillipa’s dedication, led to remarkable growth once the pandemic subsided and live events resumed.

Today, Seat Unique’s revenue recently exceeded £35m, £25m of which was from the past 12 months. The business has also secured Series A funding and boasts board members including former England Rugby coach Sir Clive Woodward and ex-CEO of Sky Bet Richard Flint. With over 60+ partners, Seat Unique is also the official partner to half of the top rugby clubs in Premiership Rugby and half of the country’s top cricket county clubs. Notably, in the last few months alone, Seat Unique has teamed up with prestigious events like Royal Ascot, Burnley FC, and the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, all with Phillipa leading the way.

As Head of Product at Seat Unique, Phillipa Hicks drives innovation, enhancing the company’s tech capabilities and competitiveness in ticketing. Under her leadership, Seat Unique has invested over £3 million in its tech stack, reflecting her dedication to improving user experience. Phillipa ensures that the premium experience begins with ticket purchase, not just event attendance. She achieves this through a data-driven approach, substantial investment in API strategies, and the creation of value-based pricing algorithms to maximise inventory. The products she’s built serve as prime examples of disruptive development, and she stands as a prominent leader in the male-dominated sports and ticketing sector.

Managing a team of 25 across different countries, Phillipa’s leadership style is deeply rooted in empowerment and inclusivity. Beyond internal leadership, her vision extends to providing fans access to unforgettable experiences at women’s sports matches through incredible partners, such as those of England Netball. Phillipa champions leading female athletes like Lauren Bell, selecting them as ambassadors to amplify their voices and raise the profile of women in sports.

Looking ahead, Phillipa is driving an exciting and robust tech roadmap for Seat Unique, focusing on delivering a consumer-led product that will continue to disrupt the market. As the company expands into new arenas and countries, Phillipa’s guidance will be instrumental in redefining the ticketing and hospitality landscape.




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