6. Aurelia Le Frapper, Co founder at No Impunity

Name: Aurelia Le Frapper

Position: Co-founder

Company: No Impunity

Website: https://www.noimpunity.co/

no impunity

About Aurelia Le Frapper and No Impunity


I launched No Impunity in 2022, motivated by the ambition to create a digital platform that connects impact investors with investment opportunities in climate and human rights litigation. The early days were challenging, as we worked tirelessly to build a platform that not only attracted investors but also provided them with a clear, impactful way to engage in environmental and social justice. Convincing investors to see the value and potential returns in ESG litigation, alongside developing a technology that could accurately assess and communicate the impact of their investments, was no small feat.

One of the biggest hurdles was establishing trust. In the beginning, convincing stakeholders that investing in litigation could yield not just financial returns but also significant societal impacts required a lot of education and persuasion. We had to demonstrate that our platform wasn’t just another investment tool, but a revolutionary way of thinking about how money can work in service of the planet and its people.

Another challenge was the technological aspect. We wanted to offer more than just a connection between investors and litigation opportunities; we aimed to provide a comprehensive suite of digital tools to assess impact, facilitate investment decisions, and track the progress of litigation efforts. Developing these tools required not only technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the legal landscape and the specific needs of litigation groups.

Despite these challenges, we’ve made significant strides. We’ve managed to support numerous groups fighting for climate justice and human rights, amplifying their efforts through strategic financial backing. This success has only fueled my passion for driving societal change through the innovative use of finance and technology.

This year, our ambitions are greater than ever. We plan to expand No Impunity’s reach, connecting with more investors and uncovering new litigation opportunities that can benefit from our platform. We’re also enhancing our digital tools to offer even more sophisticated impact assessments and to streamline the investment process, making it easier for investors to engage with and support meaningful causes.

Beyond the platform, I’m continuing to develop strategic partnerships, like my ongoing work with UN Women UK on their data literacy project. This initiative is particularly close to my heart, as it empowers women to protect their data and navigate the digital world with confidence. It’s a testament to the power of combining financial services with technology to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing society today.

My goal for this year is not only to grow No Impunity but to deepen the impact of each investment we facilitate. I’m committed to showing the world that finance can be a force for good, transforming the way we think about investment, technology, and social advocacy. Through our efforts, I hope to contribute to a more just and sustainable world, where finance serves as a catalyst for positive change, aligning investment strategies with the urgent need for social and environmental justice.




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