7. Constanze Baumgart, Vendor Growth & Account Management Lead at Choco

Name: Constanze Baumgart

Position: Vendor Growth & Account Management Lead

Company: Choco

Website: https://choco.com/uk/




About Constanze Baumgart and Choco


Choco is a Berlin-based foodtech startup that has seen rapid grow within the UK market over the past 2 years. We work with food suppliers and restaurants, creating a seamless means of allowing restaurants to order produce from suppliers while minimising food waste as much as possible.

Our goal has been to digitise and automate this section of the food supply chain and provide real time product availability to restaurants, and their recent launch of Choco AI translates phone calls, voicemails and email orders from suppliers and automatically inputs them into the Choco system to ensure that all of their restaurants’ needs are met instantly.

We’ve partnered with a whopping 10,000 suppliers and cater to 15,000 clients worldwide, handling over 500,000 orders monthly! Think of it – our global network is buzzing with activity, ensuring that every supplier and restaurant gets the latest technology to grow their business. In London and across the UK, our presence is strong and growing, connecting a diverse range of suppliers and restaurants through our innovative platform. We work with renowned suppliers such as Smith & Brock, Valimex, IA Harris & Son, County Supplies, Brindisa, Fin & Flounder.

I started by journey at Choco in April 2022 as Vendor Growth Project Manager, and since then I have worked with some incredible teams, and I have worked to become Head of Growth. When I stepped into the role of Head of Growth, Choco was just planting its seeds in the UK. Fast forward to now, and we’re blooming in every direction. Thanks to Choco AI the exponential growth globally and the rapid adoption of our platform, especially in markets like the UK, have been phenomenal. We’ve not only increased our client base but also enhanced our tech capabilities to make every order smoother, faster, and smarter.

In 2024, the digitalization of the food service sector is not just an option; it’s a necessity, especially on the supplier side. The AI train is running, many UK suppliers have understood the need to catch it. We’ve experienced that with Choco AI leading the charge, we’re witnessing a paradigm shift. Since its launch, the response from suppliers has been nothing short of remarkable. Choco AI isn’t just another tech tool; it’s a game-changer, making AI integration into daily operations seamless and irresistible.

Our vision for 2024 is ambitious. We’re expanding Choco AI’s capabilities within the UK food service industry, moving beyond optimizing supply chains to empowering restaurants and restaurant groups with groundbreaking features. These innovations will enable more efficient inventory management and direct tracking of food waste, enhancing operational efficiency like never before.

As we enhance our technology, we aim to revolutionize order processing for suppliers and provide restaurants. This means a more reliable and efficient supply chain, coupled with stronger internal management capabilities.

The importance of efficiency, cost-saving, and revenue increase has never been more pronounced. Choco AI is at the forefront, driving this transformation. Additionally, our focus on food waste reduction is a crucial aspect, especially in a market like the UK.




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