8. Akshita Iyer, Founder and CEO at Ome

Name: Akshita Iyer

Position: Founder and CEO

Company: Ome

Website: https://www.omekitchen.com/

About Akshita Iyer and Ome


I started Ome in 2017 after my mom — diagnosed with Parkinson’s — accidentally left the stove on one too many times and started a kitchen fire. Despite having every other retrofit smart device at home, such as door locks, thermostats, and doorbells, there was no solution available for the kitchen and we had no way of monitoring or preventing another incident like this.

I was determined to create a solution and after years of development and an appearance on Shark Tank, I launched the Ome Smart Knob in 2021 — the only retrofit device on the market that can turn any standard gas or electric stove into a smart appliance in minutes, simply by replacing its existing knobs. It allows you to control each burner remotely from your phone or via Alexa voice control and has safety features like automatic shut-off when a burner is left on and real-time monitoring and alerts.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was during the pandemic when Ome confronted severe supply chain disruptions. These setbacks not only paralyzed our operations but also left us unable to honour commitments to our customers.

We focused on transparency and directly communicated with our customers, shedding light on our manufacturing challenges and delivery delays. We set up a dedicated war room to think of solutions, covering both immediate and future needs. This proactive approach was not just about navigating our current situation but also securing our operations against any future uncertainties.

The lessons learned from this period were invaluable and our persistence strengthened our operational framework. Now, we stand better prepared against any supply chain volatilities.

Switching from a background in neuroscience to the tech industry as a first-time entrepreneur was also a big challenge. One major hurdle was figuring out how to raise capital. I had absolutely no experience in this world. Even though I had plenty of support from friends and family, I soon realized that fundraising was a whole new ballgame. Having a brilliant product and a solid idea didn’t cut it. I needed to dive deep into the psychology of raising money to really make it work.

In 2024, our journey of growth and innovation continues as we dive into the development and launch of our Gen 2 Smart Knob. This upgraded version will be compatible with an even wider range of stoves, boast some much-requested feature upgrades, and be offered in delightful new colours, adding a touch of vibrancy to various kitchens.

I’m also thrilled about our plans to introduce the Ome Smart Knob to senior living communities, providing valuable support for those who wish to age gracefully in their homes. Beyond just enhancing kitchen safety, we attempt to bring a holistic approach, empowering caregivers to assess the wellness of their residents.

Our ultimate aspiration extends beyond saving lives and preventing damage. We aim to encourage positive cooking practices that contribute to the overall well-being and vitality of those we love — continuing our mission to bring peace of mind to every home.




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