38. Rahel Tesfai

Company: FroHub

Website: https://frohub.com/

Business: An Afro hair & beauty community and SaaS-enabled marketplace booking platform.


About Rahel and FroHub

Rahel is a front-end developer later-turned-marketer who had a rewarding career heading up digital and strategic marketing in global, established and disruptive start-up businesses.

However, in 2018 personal frustration and a gap in the market led Rahel to start FroHub. Rahel and her team are on a mission to shake up the hair industry and achieve greater accessibility and inclusion for black women through the tech startup FroHub.

FroHub is an Afro hair & beauty community and SaaS-enabled marketplace booking platform.




In a market that is currently highly inefficient, FroHub eliminates time waste for black women by providing a platform to easily search, discover and book appointments. FroHub’s platform also provides the community a way to exchange tips and advice on Afro hair health through blogs, forums and tutorials.

Working towards the 5th UN Sustainable Development Goal, FroHub empowers women through technology and are enabling an offline industry to move online. FroHub is reshaping the fragmented and hugely under-served black hair industry.

Rahel’s vision is to make access to black hair care easy, whilst encouraging micro-entrepreneurship and facilitating job creation amongst the black hair and beauty community. There are thousands of women who are already doing hair for their friends and family, and FroHub has the power to turn their skill into a profitable business for them. They are currently active in the UK, but have global ambitions.

Rahel commented that she has faced several challenges in life; be it because I am black, a woman, a black woman, or a refugee. Since starting my entrepreneurial journey there have been several events with rooms filled wall-to-wall of white men; getting the confidence to go up and start talking took some deep breaths and positive mantras but they were useful experiences.”

Covid-19 was another big challenge; the beauty services industry was closed for the majority of 2020 and parts of 2021. Despite this, Rahel and FroHub remained resilient and used the time to streamline and automate processes, they raised a crowdfund and relaunched their marketplace platform.

This year they will focus on community building, and partnerships to continue the rapid growth of the supply-side.


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