39. Amin Khan

Company: PrimaBerry

Website: https://www.primaberry.com

Business: UK based sustainable online clothing and accessories store.


About Amin and PrimaBerry

Amin is the co-founder of PrimaBerry, a UK based sustainable online clothing and accessories store for men, women and children. It features collections inspired by the diversity and culture of multiple countries from around the globe.

Amin’s main goal is to show people that sustainable and ethical fashion can be affordable. Their travels inspire each item. Perfect for remembering special moments, feeling closer to your favourite places, or simply adding a splash of colour and uniqueness to your look.

Amin is originally from Bangladesh but moved to the UK 10 years ago to pursue a degree in Business Management and he has worked in retail for the past 5+ years. However, the fashion industry was something new for him. During the pandemic, together with his partner, Amin decided to take the risk and work very hard to create our own brand.


PrimaBerry product


Amin learnt everything from scratch: how to apply for a trademark, create a logo, do the branding, select colour palettes, design our products, packaging, find artisans, deal with shipments, look for eco-friendly packaging in the UK, learn about Marketing, Ads, Manage Social Media, write Item descriptions, take pictures.

Amin and his team’s biggest plan until the end of 2021 is to teach fashion consumers about sustainability and encourage them to gift eco-friendly items this Christmas. Amin commented that “I sell several items made of cork and many customers told me they had no idea cork could be used to produce this sort of item. Since the beginning we knew that we wanted our business to be as sustainable as possible.”

He added:

“We focus on sustainable and recycled materials, use seed tags that can be planted and grow into aromatics, avoid plastic as much as possible, fund tree planting, donate 5% of your profits to animal welfare and educational projects, support small artisans and obviously do not support work slavery. According to Greenpeace around 300,000 tonnes of used clothes are burned or buried in landfills each year so we need to be more Earth-Friendly and take action right now.”


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