38. Ramona Gohil – Rani & Co

Company: Rani & Co

Website: https://www.raniandco.co.uk/

Business: Rani & Co is a British Independent Jewellery brand whose aim is to contribute to the feminist cause by education and charitable donation.


About Ramona and Rani & Co

As a proud feminist, Ramona founded The Rani & Co to celebrate women. The brand is designed to make women feel even more powerful than they already are, whether it’s through their jewellery designs, charitable donations or education of feminism.

Ramona’s British Independent Jewellery brand has helped to change perception about feminism, as well as support charities that are focused around women including Baale Mane charity, Bloody Good period, The Red Box Project, and Planned Parenthood.

Ramona is passionate about her British Indian heritage and culture. This is seen reflected in the name of her brand, with Rani meaning ‘queen’ in Sanskrit. The company was named that way not only to celebrate Ramona’s heritage but also to suggest that their products are “fit for a queen”.

Harnessing the power of TikTok, Ramona created a campaign that celebrated the beauty of all women, following a racist comment which stated that jewellery worn on darker skin will put customers off.


rani & co


Turning a negative into a positive, Ramona invited 5 influencers from around the world, all of various ethnicities, to spotlight the beauty of darker skin by creating content wearing pieces of jewellery from the Rani & Co collection. The campaign delivered on both engagement and sales revenue for the brand.

Ramona has attributed a large percentage of the brand’s success not only to TikTok but more recently Instagram. The introduction of reels to the platform has propelled sales, and even overtaken her growth on TikTok.

Semi-precious gemstones are present within the range and have powerful meaning intended to empower their wearers. For example, pieces contain moonstone, labradorite, and green onyx, all of which have powerful meanings including femininity and confidence.

The brand continues to experience growth. This is, in part due to switching to a sustainable jewellery manufacturer, approved by SEDEX & RJC the world’s leading ethical manufacturing compliance agency.


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