37. John Otagburuagu – Black Cowboy Coffee

black cowboy coffee

Company: Black Cowboy Coffee

Website: http://www.blackcowboycoffee.co.uk/

Business: Black Cowboy Coffee is a thriving waffle restaurant based in London.


About John and Black Cowboy Coffee

John Otagburuagu founded Black Cowboy Coffee in August 2015. It initially began as a homemade coffee street café in Elephant and Castle, but since then John’s business has flourished.

Before he opened his restaurant, John worked as a truck driver in Texas, and lived and travelled all over the US. When he moved to London without a house or credit records, he applied for a startup loan, which he described as a “lifesaver”. He opened up his coffee shop and attracted customers with his own singing and dancing.


black cowboy coffee


After establishing his regular customer base and turning a profit, John bought a horsebox trailer kit. The horsebox trailer took John two weeks of sleepless nights to make, but it allowed him to increase his capacity, and saved him from having to set up his stall every morning.

Black Cowboy Coffee features different types of coffees which you can also purchase bagged, to take home with you. They also offer food options such as Belgian waffles, bagels made to order, panini, and other baked goods.

The cowboy in ‘Black Cowboy Coffee’ refers to John himself. John has had a cowboy obsession since childhood, when he learned how central Afro-Americans were to the legend and history of cowboys.

Since it opened, Black Cowboy Coffee has had hundreds of glowing reviews. John plans to expand his business by buying a horsebox lorry, allowing him to sell his waffles and coffees at festivals. He also has his eye on opening branches in other locations, including New York City.

John’s local community have shown huge admiration and support for his business. During Covid-19, his fundraiser received almost 200 donations, and the local LGBTQ+ community proposed a fundraising event to help Black Cowboy Coffee with their relocation. John also gives back to his community, and has been running a program to help local homeless individuals.


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