26. Kameese Davis- Nylahs Natural

Company: Nylahs Natural

Website: https://www.nylahsnaturals.com/

Business: Nylahs Naturals is a vegan haircare brand with a science-based approach to creating textured hair products.

About Kameese Davis and Nylahs Naturals

Nylahs Naturals was founded by Kameese in 2013 before launching in 2018. It was created by Kameese with the ambition to disrupt the haircare industry, redefining haircare standards for afro-textured hair.  Kameese has stated that “Nylahs Naturals takes inspiration from my daughter and my desire to celebrate her beauty with products that are made for her”. Kameese started the business whilst working as a careers adviser without any business capital whilst raising two young children. Coming from a more deprived area in Sandwell, Kameese is a hugely positive influence within the Birmingham entrepreneurial space.

In 2021, Kameese took her products to the Dragons’ Den and was successful in winning £50k investment for a 40% stake from Sara Davies. Even though Kameese ultimately decided to walk away from her partnership with Sara (as she wanted more decision-making power) she has discussed the value of working with Sara’s team and the help she received from the process. Since leaving the Dragons’ Den, the business has done immensely well with a first-year turnover target of £97k eventually making full-year sales of £170k compared to the £14k turnover that was experienced prior to her appearance on Dragons’ Den.


Nylahs Naturals


Nylahs Naturals has secured deals with Boots and Superdrug, Kameese has emphasised that the success of her products now and for the future stems from a shift with black women using straighteners less and instead celebrating their natural hair. The products are all plant-based which she has said is a ‘game-changer’ – Nylahs Naturals has now sold over 15,000 units with the Flourish Hair Booster Serum being particularly popular.

Since it launched the product has won awards and has also been featured in Stylist magazine. In the future, Kameese hopes to spread Nylahs Naturals internationally and continues to work with outlets that take time to really understand the potential of the textured hair market.



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