27. Sadia Ahmed – Oliver’s Cupboard

Company: Oliver’s Cupboard

Website: https://oliverscupboard.com/

Business: Oliver’s Cupboard is an organic and halal baby-weaning food company that champions diverse flavours from around the world.


About Sadia Ahmed and Oliver’s Cupboard

In 2021, Sadia a London-based businesswoman was inspired by her son to create Oliver’s Cupboard. When her son was transitioning to baby-led foods, she found that the food options were bland. She realised that nothing represented her family and their dietary requirements and decided to take a stand as she didn’t want children like her own to continue to be underrepresented.

Sadia is a British-born Muslim with Bangladeshi heritage but the food within supermarkets wasn’t representative of a multicultural society. With this in mind, Sadia wanted to create halal baby food for babies over 7 months that had flavour with a variety of herbs and spices that also educated children about different cultures and ethnicities.

Olivers Cupboard

The products include meal pouches that are ready to eat and snacks with countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt and Brazil inspiring the meals. Sadia has also stated that she will be launching a breakfast range with pouches inspired by different regions such as Ethiopia, Japan, Morocco, China and Peru. Currently, Oliver’s Cupboard is stocked on a variety of sites and in-store at places such as Ocado, Asda and Amazon.

In 2022, Oliver’s Cupboard won a silver award from MadeForMums for the best baby food or baby food pouch. Sadia’s mission was to create inclusive food but she has also worked hard to ensure the team she hired were from diverse backgrounds and she supports working mums by offering flexible work solutions. Sadia has said that “it’s not just a baby food brand – it’s a lifestyle, it’s a statement” with the importance of her offerings being more than just a diverse food option on the supermarket baby food aisles.



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