What Businesses Benefit From VoIP?

Business communication is rapidly changing. All businesses, regardless of industry or size, now need to adapt as digital communication evolves. A particular type of communication that has taken telecom by storm is VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. 

There are many benefits to VoIP business phone systems. But, what type of businesses can benefit from VoIP business phone systems and why? Keep reading to find out. 

What Is VoIP and How Does It Work?

VoIP, to briefly put it, is a form of digital communication. VoIP, unlike landline phone systems, does not require a fixed installation point. Instead, VoIP works over the internet. A call can be made from any device, provided there is an internet connection, and the voice data is then transferred into digital data. 

Popular examples of VoIP you might already know and use are Skype, Zoom and even Messenger. However, businesses today are now switching or upgrading to VoIP providers who can offer competitive deals and software with various advantages. 

Why Use VoIP for Business?

What makes VoIP great is that all businesses can use it, and will find that it helps in various aspects – from employee collaboration to customer sales. There are plenty of features VoIP business phone systems can offer and benefit various businesses in many ways. In short, VoIP business phone systems offer:

  • Affordable contracts
  • Various features
  • Scalability
  • Phones for remote workers
  • Bespoke bundles for business needs


For a better work-life balance, freelancers should consider switching to VoIP. VoIP business phone systems aren’t only designed for large corporations or call centres, they’re multi-use. One of the main reasons why VoIP should be used by freelancers is because it can be used on-the-go and on any device. So, if you’re out meeting a client, or perhaps abroad, it doesn’t matter – a VoIP business mobile or phone can still be used. 


VoIP is especially handy for startups. Traditional landline contracts can be relatively expensive, and are often not flexible in contracts. However, business VoIP providers in the UK can offer flexible and inexpensive phone system contracts to startups – who usually don’t have the funds for long and pricey deals. 

Startups, furthermore, will find VoIP business phone systems handy for employees. If your startup has a lot of remote employees, then a VoIP system also offers features such as video conference calling which allows employees to connect fast with one another as well as customers. 

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Even SMEs will find VoIP extra useful when it comes to work collaboration and customer satisfaction. VoIP is a great business tool for attracting and retaining customers. A VoIP business phone system allows small businesses to use virtual numbers – hence, they can choose the location of their number. This can be great for targeting locations where customers may be heavily based, additionally, for discovering where the best sales generate. 

Large Corporations 

Last, but not least, large corporations are also now using VoIP business phone systems. While traditional landlines have been the way to go for digital communication for years, VoIP has now paved a new path for business connectivity

No matter the size of the business, the best VoIP providers will scale contracts as businesses grow. Hence, there’s no need any more for long or restrictive phone contracts that can’t keep up with competition.