Announced! TechRound’s Sustainability60 2024

TechRound is excited to announce the winners of our Sustainability60 2024!


TechRound is proud to announce the winners of our Sustainability60 campaign, celebrating the entrepreneurs using tech to solve global climate issues.

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Feedback From The Judges


“Ranking such a diverse list of fantastic, innovative products & services has been both challenging and encouraging. It’s clear that we are finding technology solutions to a range of fundamental global problems, many of which have been invisible or unsolveable for a very long time. My choices reflect both their potential for positive impact and likelihood of adoption. I look forward to seeing how these technologies effect positive change in the crucial years to come, especially the top 10.”

–Tom Dunning, Founder and CEO at Ad Signal


“What impressed me the most is the range and diversity of the submissions, which include companies that have achieved sustainable transformation within their own operations, as well as technologies poised to deliver impact on a global scale. The submissions I have rated highest have the potential to make profound global contributions, particularly in addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today, including resource depletion and global warming. The top-ranked submissions feature credible business solutions with the capacity to have a significant impact at scale. These solutions are likely to gain traction swiftly and expand rapidly.”

–John Spear, MD at epi Consulting


“It is up to us, not future generations, to save the planet and I must congratulate the diverse range of Sustainability 60 entrants. They all play a crucial role. Those restoring or protecting nature, natural resources and promoting biodiversity must be particularly praised, including businesses providing alternatives to plastics, chemicals and other harmful materials. Without such action, even a ‘net zero’ scenario would be fatal. Increasing efficiencies and product lifespan is essential and innovations around waste reduction and recycling, give us a good chance to rewire our economies and provide a sound base to upscale new clean energy systems.”

– Nawaz Haq, Strategic Advisor to the General Secretary of the ZESTAs & Strategic Board Advisor to Space Aye


“This is my second year judging the Sustainability60 and it truly gets more difficult every time. At TechRound, we see hundreds of startups emerge every year with the sole aim of tackling climate change. To see so many amazing entrepreneurs put their business minds to this task is simply incredible. Congratulations to all of our finalists and also to the hundreds of companies that entered. You’re all doing very important work that is going to have a lasting impact on the world and we are incredibly proud to be celebrating you!”

– Dana Leigh, Editor at TechRound


Thank You to Our Judges!


Tom Dunning, Founder and CEO at Ad Signal

Tom Dunning is the Founder and CEO of Ad Signal, a specialist provider of unique video, image and audio SaaS products, helping to tackle digital sustainability by reducing the storage and network traffic required for video content. Tom regularly speaks at Parliamentary Summits and trade shows on sustainability, AI, and storage.

Ad Signal works with major organisations such as Clearcast to oversee the UK’s TV advertising industry, streamlining the clearance process for adverts.

John Spear, MD at epi Consulting

John Spear is Managing Director of epi Consulting, an award-winning international sustainability strategy and supply chain consultancy. epi create shared value throughout global supply chains by delivering social and environmental best practice and maximising competitive advantage. John has over twenty-five years of consulting experience at senior level with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. He has a wealth of experience and expertise across technology related industries, with particular expertise in telecoms, ICT, utilities and supply chain management.

Dana Leigh

Dana Leigh, Editor at TechRound

Dana has been working at TechRound for nearly 4 years, publicising the best new startups the UK and Europe has to offer.

With a strong passion for female leaders and companies with innovative solutions, Dana helps hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs share their stories every year.

Nawaz Haq

Nawaz Haq, Strategic Advisor to the General Secretary of the ZESTAs & Strategic Board Advisor to Space Aye

Nawaz Haq has a diverse business background in commercial property, business advisory, and hospitality and, in recent years, has been heavily involved in businesses and initiatives to drive sustainability action. Nawaz is the Strategic Advisor to the General Secretary of the Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs), who formally advises the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on policy matters.

Nawaz is also a Strategic Board Advisor to Space Aye, which is set to connect real-time satellite imagery with the ‘internet of things’, with scope to significantly address sustainability challenges. Previously an Executive Director of London-listed SulNOx Group PLC, Nawaz helped to commercialise fuel technologies designed to reduce emissions and consumption of traditional liquid fuels. Nawaz is also engaged with some early-stage renewable energy technologies, putting together strategies to bring them to market.


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