Enter TechRound’s ParentTech23 2024!

Enter TechRound’s ParentTech23 2024!


TechRound is proud to announce our first-ever ParentTech23 campaign, celebrating the most exciting startups revolutionising the parenting landscape across the UK and Europe.

Whether your business has been innovating in the parenting space for 20 years or just 2 months, this is an opportunity to have your story heard.

Enter for free for a chance to be featured as one of our top 23 ParentTech companies. Each company featured will get an individual write-up, so it’s great publicity!

Founded in 2016, TechRound is the UK’s best-known and fastest-growing startup and tech news site. This is where decision-makers, investors and startups of all sizes and nature come to find out the latest developments and trends within the industry.


Entries Open: 12th June

Entry Cost: Free

Entry Deadline: 20th June, 5pm GMT

Winners To Be Announced: 3rd July




Why Enter?


  • Featured in front of an audience of 200,000+ visitors per month
  • Top 23 placements get a full page write-up (see example)
  • Recognised by VCs, investors, journalists and industry leaders
  • Free to enter


Our Criteria


  • All companies must have a parenting angle, this can include companies to do with pregnancy too
  • Revenue not a deciding factor
  • New businesses and established businesses welcome



Meet The Judges


Vamshi Sai Boda, Chief Technology Officer at Young Creator

Vamshi Sai Boda is the Chief Technology Officer of Young Creator, contributing his software development expertise to the company’s mission of providing solutions for the online protection of children. With a strong background in technology and dedication for developing revolutionary solutions, Vamshi has been instrumental in the implementation of advanced features of the Young Creator App including content filtering and real-time monitoring.

Ben Drury, Co-Founder and CEO at Yoto

Ben Drury is the co-founder and CEO of Yoto, an interactive audio platform for kids. It features carefully connected audio players inspired by Montessori principles that kids control without using a screen, and a catalogue of the best stories, songs, activities and more that inspire creative play and learning. Named as one of Bloomberg’s top 25 start ups to watch in 2023, the company was also rated as the second fastest growing tech company in the UK by Deloitte that same year.

Read about what Ben is looking for from entrants here

David Soffer, Founder & Editor In Chief At TechRound

David is TechRound’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all content on the site. From its inception, David has been passionate about publicising the most innovative up and coming startups across the UK and Europe, and has a keen interest in the intersection between technology and everyday life.

Silvia de Denaro Vieira, CEO and Co-Founder, Coexist 

As CEO and Co-Founder of all-in-one home management company, Coexist, Silvia drives the mission, operations, fundraising and go-to-market strategy for the organisation. She brings a decade of experience working with startups, successfully bringing new products to market. Prior to Coexist, she was leading Operations & Strategy at an AI seed-stage startup focused on climate technology, and has experience in marketing and research at larger corporations like McKinsey and Sunrun.

Charlene Mitchell-Hood, Creative Lead & Co-Founder of Sooper Books

Charlene Mitchell-Hood, Creative Lead & Co-founder of Sooper Books, is a published freelance illustrator and now focuses on the world of children’s stories. She works closely with their team of Emmy winning story tellers to bring all of their captivating character concepts to life.


Important! Advice From The Judges


Use the first line to describe your business, what it does and what you are about in two sentences…what makes you tick?

With our judges reading through hundreds of applications, we are looking for a clear description of your business, its concept, its success and plans for growth.

Try to avoid waffle and discuss your business clearly and concisely.


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