Enter TechRound’s February Instagram Giveaway! Closes 25th Feb!


At TechRound, we love celebrating startups and their innovative products and this February we are giving away 14 prizes to 14 individuals – for simply following us on Instagram!



List of TechRound Giveaway Prizes:

  1. Misfits – 3 boxes of plant-powered protein bars
  2. GoGetPersonalised – Personalised jumper of your choice
  3. Sushi Dog – Sushi meal kit of your choice
  4. Plateaway – £30 gift voucher for restaurant meal kits
  5. Taste Cocktails – Flavoured cocktail kit of your choice
  6. Popcorn Shed – 13 flavours popcorn bundle
  7. boXedwithakiss – Lots of mindful products to help you unwind, relax and indulge. 
  8. Seed and Bean – Delicious chocolate bundle
  9. TastyMates – Mixed Mates Sweets Bundle
  10. Evopure – CBD capsules and tea
  11. The Biltong Factory – High protein tasty meat snacks
  12. Heyoo Vitamins – Vitamin health bundle
  13. Cloud Gin – 700ml bottle of CBD infused gin
  14. DRTY Drinks – Mixed case of hard seltzer water


Competition Terms


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  • STEP 1 >> To enter, you must follow us on Instagram at @TechRoundUK and like the competition post


  • STEP 2 >> Bonus entries:

    • Share on your story and tag us @TechRoundUK

    • Tag 3 friends in any of the competition posts


  • UK based
  • Anyone above the age of 18 can enter.
  • The giveaway will be closed at 11:59 PM on the Thursday 25th February.
  • The winner will be contacted directed on Instagram by our account, please ignore any other accounts.
  • Winners have 24 hours to reply on Instagram because we will give the next person in the draw a chance to win.
  • This giveaway is not endorsed or affiliated by Instagram.
  • Competition opens on Wednesday 3rd February 2021



The winners will be announced at 11am on Friday 26th February 2021


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Read About The Startups Behind The Prizes


1. Misfits

  • All products are plant-based, with ingredients sourced from the highest quality and most sustainably minded producers.
  • The brand is challenging the traditional protein bar market.
  • Misfits offers shoppers a plant-based, high protein, low sugar option.




MISFITS have, since 2016 been producing and providing innovative, high quality protein products and nutrition for a wider audience than traditionally targeted by other protein makers and manufacturers. Keen to break the mould and bust the myths around protein supplementation.

MISFITS exists to help our consumers fuel their best. The products they make are functional and are designed to be everyday allies as our consumers go about their busy lives. Whether they are working out or working late, their consumers enjoy their products to boost their well being.

Almost all the brands in the market are either really regressive weight loss meal replacement brands or really masculine, gym-orientated brands. MISFITS is a breath of fresh air in the industry, stripping away the BS and stating the facts. MISFITS are here to help consumers fuel their best all year round, and act as an everyday ally. They do not promise overnight transformations and quick fixes. MISFITS say it how it is. Your body is for life, not just for summer.



2. Go Get Personalised

  • Created to encourage self- expression and individuality to your everyday wardrobe.
  • The perfect gift to yourself or someone else!
  • A personalisation experience.
  • Providing items for adults and children.
Go Get Personalised


With infinite personalisation options, GoGetPersonalised gives you the thrill of creating a bespoke and entirely unique item each and every time. GoGetPersonalised offers a variety of products that range from t-shirts and sweatshirts to baby grows and face masks all in a spectrum of colours, both neutral and bright.
Focussed on delivering bespoke items which won’t break the bank, GoGetPersonalised have created the perfect gift for that special someone or just a present to yourself… because why not!
    Go Get Personalised


3. Sushi Dog

  • SushiDog sells made-to-order sushi rolls and bowls for those with a love for the Japanese cuisine, sustainable products and good-quality sushi.
  • All SushiDog products are made to order.
  • Selling sustainable products that reduce damage to the environment.
  • All SushiDog ingredients are of the best quality, completely safe and very tasty.

Sushi Dog


SushiDog was founded by two friends, Greg and Nick in August 2017. Whilst on holiday that summer, they stumbled across a shop packed with customers eating huge sushi rolls like burritos. They tried them for themselves and were blown away by the  freshness of the product and the ability to customise their own sushi roll. There was nothing like it in the UK and they knew they had to launch the concept back at home. Fast forward a few years and SushiDog goes from strength to strength as they spread their fun and vibrant brand and concept all around the UK!

The SushiDog Roll is essentially a sushi burrito, whereas the SushiDog Bowl is a bowl filled with top-quality, mouth-watering sushi. Customers can decide to either customise their bowl and/or roll, or choose from a list of signature combinations with fun titles including their “Prawn To Be Wild” and “Katsu Way I Like It”. All signature dishes can be made into either a bowl or a roll. Since lockdown, Sushi Dog have started a home kit where you are provided with everything to enjoy the SushiDog experience at home!


sushi dog


4. Plateaway

  • Providing their loyal and hungry customers with the best DIY meal kits to hit our nation’s food scene.
  • Customers are able to choose from a wide variety of kits from the restaurants they know and love.
  • They select their desired delivery date and then will receive their kit with all the ingredients they need to recreate their favourite meal at home.




Plateaway knows that satisfaction is key, and allowing their customers to choose from a diverse range of restaurants and cuisines, they do not disappoint. Plateaway’s kits provide customers with all the necessary ‘secret’ ingredients, together with simple instruction guides to recreate your favourite meals at home. As Plateaway closely watches this new and exciting trend grow, it is only right that they serve their foodie community with the kits they deserve.

With a variety of cuisines to choose from including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options for specialty diets, there’s something for everyone.

Say goodbye to the days of measuring out ingredients or the disappointment of a soggy takeaway… it’s about time you upped your home cooking game with a little help from the professionals.


Patty and Bun Plateaway


5. Taste Cocktails

  • Helping you make bar-quality cocktails at home!
  • Their ingredients and recipes are selected in consultation with the UK’s best and most experienced bartenders and spirits experts.
  • Taste Cocktails also sell equipment kits to make sure you have everything you need to start making cocktails straight away.
  • Their online magazine offers alternative recipes, and tips on technique, the history of the drinks, and the story of the people who make the ingredients.


Taste Cocktails


Taste Cocktails sell a range of cocktail kits and equipment to help you discover new ingredients and recipes, and find your new favourites. Each box contains premium ingredients and recipes to make 5-6 cocktails (with a little extra to taste), and information about the source and history of your drinks. Taste Cocktails offers gift subscriptions too where the receipient will receive a different kit every month. When it arrives you’ll have the ingredients to mix incredible cocktails and the information to improve your technique, knowledge and enthusiasm for the world of mixology.


Taste Cocktails


6. Popcorn Shed – 13 bundle

  • Super-premium gourmet popcorn brand.
  • Making great tasting popcorn.
  • Creating unique flavours and top quality service.
  • Popcorn Shed exists to build relationships, and put smiles on our customer’s faces.
  • Made with carefully sourced, high-quality ingredients.


Popcorn Shed


Popcorn Shed are rewriting the rules of snacks, in the UK and beyond! Say goodbye to boring, tasteless popcorn. Popcorn Shed is the UK’s first super-premium gourmet popcorn brand.

Popcorn Shed uses an artisan cooking process by making a fresh caramel batch with each production run.  Their popcorn is tumbled in fresh caramel before being scattered with melted chocolate, nuts and dried fruit.  This ensures a deep, rich flavour and provides a lovely texture to every single kernel.

Popcorn Shed founders Sam and Laura are passionate about great tasting products, and building a lifestyle brand from scratch that has real meaning and resonates with consumers. They believe that their popcorn brings people together, enhancing those special moments we spend with friends, family and loved ones. By sharing and consuming their popcorn treats, their customers’ lives are made that little bit happier and more joyful!

            Popcorn Shed


7. boXedwithakiss

  • Pre-curated gift boxes or build a boXed yourself!
  • UK based.
  • Gift boxes for all occasions.
  • The box has an option to have a scannable QR code added or a Polaroid photo.
  • Customers can build boXed themselves or choose a pre-curated boXed.




boXedwithakiss is helping to make gifting easier for everyone, encouraging relaxation and making all customers smile. boXedwithakiss creates bespoke boXes with an innovative twist, for any occasion. Each boXed has the option to have a scannable QR code where the sender can put to together a video or voice message which the recipient can scan when they receive the boXed.

Products range from beauty, wellness, chocolates, mindfulness products, practical gifts too.

boXedwithakiss is giving a lucky winner the following prizes:


  • Evolve African orange body lotion 
  • Silk eye mask
  • Love Cocoa bar of salted caramel
  • Keylean sanitizer keyring
  • Fluffy bow headband
  • Spacemask
  • Sleepy bath salts
  • Face roller




8. Seed and Bean

  • 100% organic.
  • All products are ethically sourced and handmade in England.
  • The first UK chocolate brand to have fully compostable packaging
  • Creating flavours that no one else is doing, and that you might have never seen or tried before!
  • There is something for everyone in their vast range of 22 flavours.

Seed and Bean

Seed & Bean was founded in June 2005 with the idea to create an ethical range of confectionery. The focus was on always using organic ingredients, using small-scale suppliers and being brave and wild with flavours; Chocolate with a Wild Side.

Seed and Bean is 100% organic; Fairtrade where possible, and all our products are ethically sourced and handmade in England. Our production facility is deliberately small: our batch size is just 45 litres, compared to large industrially-produced chocolatiers who make batches of 20-50,000 litres a batch! When it comes to chocolate, we really are chocolate artisans.

Seed and Bean have been ethical from the very start, and since they rebranded they have taken this to another level by sourcing and using 100% compostable foil which made them the first UK chocolate brand to have fully compostable packaging. Their inner foil is made from Natureflex™, a specially sourced, flexible cellulose film which is made from eucalyptus wood pulp, putting us at the forefront of the zero plastic, zero waste initiative.

Seed and Bean


9. Tasty Mates

  • Latest sweet brand – launching last month!
  • The New Gummy Sweet Bursting with Flavour and Personality.
  • Vegan sweets.
  • Packaging is made from 100% recyclable material!


Tasty Mates

Ramping up in time to sweeten up 2021, Tasty Mates is bringing you vegan, natural, relatable confectionary just when you need them most.
Tasty Mates was founded by two mate – Joe and Nick – who sought to portray their mates in sweets. That’s why each packet of Tasty Mates has a unique flavour relating to a personality trait found in many a friendship group. Whether you are one half of The Perfect Pear, or The Berry Funny One, there is a flavour for you… and if there isn’t yet… watch this space!


Tasty Mates


10. Evopure

  • Farm to door organic CBD oil in the UK.
  • Helping to connect people and the planet in a sustainable way.
  • Evopure work with organic hemp farmers to simplify the supply chain and deliver all-natural CBD to your doorstep carbon free.




Evopure was founded on the belief that you deserve to know what you are putting in your body and why. Through their radically transparent approach, they look to arm you with information on our products and CBD in general to help you make an informed decision. From 3rd party lab reports to proof of origin and product breakdowns, Evopure strives to give you more control over your health and match you with the best possible CBD and hemp products.



11. The Biltong Factory

  • Freshly cut Biltong delivered weekly, for healthy and adventurous snackers.
  • Their recipes are unique and inspired by their love of good food!
  • Biltong is a preserved product – it’s still a natural food substance that contains water and is therefore still prone to spoilage.


The Biltong Factory


In 2016, two budding Biltong makers brought their unrivalled secret recipe to the UK, adding new recipes alongside South Africa’s trademark original Biltong flavour. Today, The Biltong Factory has an ever-growing number of members in their club who get their delicious Biltong orders delivered to them weekly.

Their Biltong is prepared fresh and dispatched on every Thursday of the week. The Biltong factory has a range of assorted flavours, cuts moisture, and texture to choose from.


The Biltong Factory


12. Heyoo vitamins

  • All Heyoo Vitamins are manufactured to the highest GMP, Food Safety and BRC standards.
  • Great quality vitamins, at great prices.


Heyoo vitamins


We all love to eat well, sleep well, work hard and play harder. Team Heyoo’s medical pros know that an extra dose of daily vitamins can make all the difference to your day. So Heyoo has created their vitamin range to be the difference between running for a train and watching the doors slide agonisingly shut in front of you and, well, making the train! Heyoo to winning more (without trying too hard).​

Heyoo is part of the Karia Group. The Karia family (fun historical fact), have been in business for over 100 years across four generations. Heyoo’s founders – Kashyap, Jahnvi and Vyoma have recently developed a secret formula that makes it possible to work with one’s siblings without going bananas. They have promised to share it. One day. ​


Heyoo vitamins


13. Cloud Gin

  • Perfect with tonic, in a cocktail, neat, or over ice.
  • Cloud Gin is created to be slowly savoured, a true sipping gin.
  • Gin, but not as you know it…. elevated by the addition of full spectrum CBD.
  • A divine pairing for those who love to unwind.




Cloud Gin smoothly eases you into a new experience, bringing you the next generation of gin through the vessel of our mastercrafted flavour. Cloud Gin wants to deliver a new experience through a classic medium, using innovative techniques to seamlessly integrate the new and the old.

Engineered to complement the soft botanical profile of Cannabidiol extract, Cloud Gin delivers an expert blend of citrus, floral, rich fruit and botanical flavours. Clean, brilliant waves of lemongrass and rose petals play on both the nose and tongue, giving way to a rolling blend of dark berries. The quintessential botanicals of juniper, coriander and pepper with a twist of blueberry bring the unmistakable familiarity of gin, yet not as you know it.




14. DRTY Drinks

  • Hard Seltzer Water.
  • 4% ABV sparkling water.
  • Flavoured naturally – 0 sugar, 0 carbs & 90 cals.


DRTY Drinks 


DRTY is Hard Seltzer, also known as alcoholic sparkling water which is a huge drinks trend that was born in the US a few years ago. It’s made with a blend of fermented fruits for booze, sparkling water and natural flavours. Ultimately it’s kind of like Vodka soda, but actually tastes good….4% alcohol, zero carbs and 90 calories a can.


DRTY Drinks