38. The UK Cyber Security Association (UKCSA)


Company: UKCSA

Founder(s): Lisa Ventura

Website: www.cybersecurityassociation.co.uk



The UK Cyber Security Association (UKCSA) is a new membership organisation for individuals, small businesses, SME’s and corporate companies who are involved in or who work in the cyber security industry in the UK.  Members receive a wide range of benefits including access to the latest cyber security industry news, discounts on courses, seminars, networking events, conferences and items such as insurance and penetration testing, access to a directory of members and much more.

They also supply compliance, security consultancy, risk management, penetration testing, bespoke security solutions and half and full day courses to small businesses and SME’s all aimed at helping them understand cyber security and what it means for their businesses.

The UKCSA works to a set of objectives ensuring best practice and information assimilation from the cyber security industry in the UK and will and lobby for awareness of cyber security, skills and training, education and best practice. We also raise awareness of neurodiversity in cyber security, the cyber skills gap and education as to the importance of cyber security and why businesses should take it seriously.

Some of the UKCSA’s core objectives are:

To create and grow the United Kingdom Cyber Security Association by developing a national infrastructure in all regions of the United Kingdom.

To form key partnerships and stakeholder contact/agreements with all manner of cyber security government departments, professionals and companies across the UK.

The enablement of region-wide networks to support regional efforts on cyber security and e-business.

To promote skills in cyber security nationwide.

Increase business opportunities in cyber security to all our Members, directly or via collaborations.

Input to national, regional and international policy development wherever possible.

For more information please visit www.cybersecurityassociation.co.uk.