A Guide To Moving To Florida As A Digital Nomad

Looking for a place to spread your wings and stop the conventional 9-5 grind? Well, how about the United States? But not just anywhere in the US – Florida.

Florida isn’t just about sunshine, beaches, and theme parks like Orlando Studios. It’s also becoming a top choice for remote workers. Bluepillow, alongside other experts, rates Florida as one of the best states in the US for digital nomads. Wondering why? Let’s find out.

Can You Live In Florida As A Digital Nomad?

Fortunately, those drawn to the United States to chase their American, and indeed their nomadic, dream, have avenues to pursue life there.

To live as a nomad in the US, securing the right visa is essential. While the US doesn’t have a dedicated digital nomad visa, certain visas serve a similar purpose.

These include permits such as the H-1B Visa, B-1 Business Visa, and the Visa Waiver Program. For detailed information about these US visas and their eligibility criteria, find out more at TechRound.

Why Is Florida Good For Digital Nomads?

Florida stands out as a haven for digital nomads, gaining popularity in recent years and earning recognition as the top destination for remote workers by various publications. But why the hype?

The perks are evident: abundant sunshine, picturesque beaches, and a perpetual holiday atmosphere. For anyone looking to escape their rainy home country, this will certainly be a big plus. Any nomad can enjoy taking strolls along the sea or in one of the state’s many green spaces and parks during their downtime.

Beyond its sunny disposition, Florida boasts a top-notch modern infrastructure, a lifeline for any nomad. High-speed internet ranked third fastest in the US according to WKGC, is indispensable for remote work. Cafes, restaurants, and communal spaces not only provide work environments but also opportunities for networking and socialising. Moreover, the proliferation of co-working spaces like WeWork, Brickell Coworking, The Hub, and Novel Coworking caters to the growing digital nomad community.

Excellent transportation networks, including access to premier airports, facilitate seamless travel within Florida and across the US. As Florida continues to tailor itself to the needs of digital nomads, the allure of this vibrant state only intensifies.

What Cities In Florida Are Best For Digital Nomads?

There are so many fantastic cities in Florida, each with its own charm for residents. Ultimately, the best city will depend on what you’re looking for. However, some consistently stand out as top choices for nomads, and ought to be considered first.

Orlando consistently ranks high as a nomad-friendly destination. Despite the rising living costs due to population growth, Orlando offers a plethora of public libraries and cafes for work, alongside the trademark good weather of the ‘Sunshine State’. Additionally, it boasts some of the best broadband providers according to Innerbody, ensuring you can work seamlessly on the go.

Miami is another attractive option, with its abundance of coworking spaces, beaches, and efficient public transport. It blends the energy of a bustling metropolis with laid-back coastal vibes, making it an appealing choice despite higher accommodation costs.

Tampa stands out for its excellent broadband availability numerous coworking spaces and work-friendly cafes. On the other hand, Jacksonville offers more budget-friendly rental fees and stunning natural landscapes compared to other Florida cities.

Do Digital Nomads Pay US Income Tax?

As a US citizen, paying taxes is obligatory. However, for digital nomads, tax obligations can vary.

Like in many countries, digital nomads may need to pay taxes on their earnings. Typically, they’re liable for taxes in both their home country and the country they’re temporarily staying in.

According to Freaking Nomads, you may be obliged to report all your income to the IRS and pay any necessary taxes accordingly. However, one must keep in mind that US states have different tax regulations. So, what of Florida?

Luckily, Florida stands out for its tax advantages. With no state income tax, it offers a favourable environment for nomads, allowing them to live there without high tax burdens and enjoy financial ease.