10 Florida Startups To Keep An Eye On

Ah the sunshine state. Home to gorgeous beaches, great restaurants and a flourishing startup scene.

From renewable energy to innovative tech platforms, these ten startups are set to continue making waves in 2024. Here’s a closer look at these ten companies and what they each have to offer…


1. BrightNight Power – Renewable Energy Solutions


BrightNight Box Canyon Project – Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce


BrightNight Power is a renewable energy company that offers innovative solutions to help transition people and businesses towards sustainable power.

Through their renewable energy projects, they develop, dispatch and maintain sustainable energy systems, giving customers and businesses peace of mind around their power.


2. Kocomo – Luxury Co-Ownership


logo kocomo


Kocomo is changing the real estate industry by offering luxury co-ownership vacation property opportunities.

Their business model allows people to invest in and enjoy high-end properties, whilst also sharing the upkeep costs. This make Kocomo an attractive proposition for modern investors and cost-savvy luxury travellers.


3. TravelX – Blockchain Travel Platform




TravelX is using blockchain technology to transform the travel industry, offering a more efficient and secure platform for booking and managing travel experiences.

Their approach aims to streamline automation and boost revenue by using the blockchain to help people rename, transfer or gift airline flights. Through this, both airlines and passengers are able to manage their airfares more efficiently.


4. The Cobblers – Artisan Repair


THE COBBLERS SNEAKER RESCUE & LEATHER WORKS - Dream 5, Inc. Trademark Registration


The Cobblers blends the tradition of artisan shoe care with tech.

Think of it as the Fivrr for artisan care, the platform allows people to search for and hire top quality artisans to repair their shoes, bags and luggage.

Their commitment to quality and sustainability is gathering attention, giving an old craft a new lease of life.


5. CareStack – Dental Practice Management




CareStack is pioneering the healthcare sector with its cloud-based platform designed to improve dental practice management.

By offering products such as online appointments, payment systems and text reminders, CareStack is helping dentists manage their practices more efficiently.



6. Marco Financial – Trade Financing


Marco Financial Takes Aim at the $350 Billion Latam Trade Finance Gap With $26M Round


Marco Financial is helping business finance their trade with their FinTech platform.

By financing businesses upfront, Marco allows them to get paid instantly whilst offering flexibility to their buyers. Not only does this reduce risk, but the flexibility helps businesses increase trade and improve cash flow.


7. Nearpod – Student Insights Platform


Technology in the Classroom: Nearpod by Daniel Barkes


Nearpod’s student insights platform is transforming the way teachers assess understanding through a variety of interactive lessons and activities.

Nearpod is on a mission to make teaching easier through insights, bespoke content and interactive videos.


8. Papa – Care On-Demand


Papa, Inc. - Health Plan Alliance


Papa is helping combat loneliness by connecting older adults and families with ‘Papa Pals’ for companionship.

A twist on the traditional caregiver, Papa pairs older people with ‘Papa Pals’ to help with everyday tasks, transportation and company.

Papa’s people-centric philosophy has helped them create hundreds of human connections for older people.


9. Caribu – Interactive Reading Platform


Caribu | Playtime Is Calling


Caribu is a in interactive reading platform that allows children and families to read and draw together in a virtual setting.

The platform is designed to make reading and learning fun with loved ones.

Long-distance relatives can ‘play’ with their family members through Caribu calls, helping foster connection and literacy at the same time.


10. Novo – Online Business Banking


Novo - YouTube


Novo provides small businesses with a banking platform that is both transparent and fast.

Through their free account, Novo bankers can have faster cash flow and clearer financial insights. Not only that, the platform can also generate invoices, integrate with a range of POS systems and give them peace of mind, all for free.


As these startups continue to evolve, they not only contribute to Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem are also making waves globally.

Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to grow and innovate into 2024.