10 Startups In California, USA To Keep An Eye On

Ah California. The home of Silicon Valley and the birthplace of tech giants like Open AI, Apple, Google and more.

But as the landscape evolves, more innovative companies are being founded every year, set to redefine the way we work and live.

As we continue spotlighting the world’s most exciting startups, here are ten companies from the Golden State that we think are worth keeping an eye on…


1. Vena Water – Sustainable Water Solutions


Water From Air — VENA


Vena Water is tackling the global water crisis head-on, by trying to combat the global need for clean and accessible drinking water.

Their technology works by using water in the atmosphere and converting it to drinking water using condensation.

Their eco-friendly approach not only makes water more accessible, but also combines technology with sustainability, aiming to reduce dependency on bottled water. With a focus on both efficiency and design, Vena Water’s solutions are helping thousands worldwide have better access to clean water.


2. Aumhum – Holistic Wellness




Aumhum is a holistic wellness platform, combining mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing in one place.

By offering meditation, yoga, and wellness resources like daily check ins and a personalised mental health plan on their app, Aumhum is helping people enhance their overall wellness.


3. AirBuild Inc. – Carbon Negative Construction Tech


Airbuild | Carbon Sequestration on Buildings


AirBuild Inc. is on a mission to make the construction industry more green with their carbon negative infrastructure solutions.

Their solutions focus on technologies that remove carbon from the air, produce renewable energy and allow for water filtration.

Their IoT system embeds into the infrastructure, tracking environmental impact to ensure companies can keep track of their sustainability impact.


4. Bad Mommy Edibles – Gourmet Cannabis Products


Bad Mommy Edibles


Bad Mommy Edibles brings a fresh twist to the cannabis market with its gourmet edibles.

Catering to women, their products blend high-quality cannabis with fun chocolate flavours to give people a tasty CBD hit. As the legal cannabis industry continues to grow in California, Bad Mommy Edibles is a company making waves in the space.


5. Wing – Advanced Drone Delivery


Wing (company) - Wikipedia


Wing is taking logistics to new heights with their reliable and safe drone delivery service.

By offering fast, eco-friendly delivery options for businesses and consumers, Wing aims to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions typically associated with the delivery industry.

Their technology aims to change urban logistics, making same-day deliveries more efficient and accessible.



6. Robust.AI – Next-Generation Robotics


Robust.AI - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Robust.AI is developing intelligent robots that help make warehouses and logistics more productive.

Their focus on safety and collaboration means their robots are designed to help, but not replace humans. The aim is to give humans a robot partner that boosts productivity and can take on more menial tasks.

As businesses continue to look towards streamlining efficiency, Robust.ai is at the centre of the robot revolution.


7. Async Health – Digital Mental Health Innovations



Async Health is a digital mental healthcare platform that allows anyone to access mental health support, anywhere.

Through their AI platform, Async is able to evaluate a person’s needs and provide them with pre-recorded answers to their questions.

In a world where healthcare is becoming increasingly digitised, Async Health’s approach allows more people to receive care at scale.


8. Arc.dev – Freelance Developer Marketplace


Arc.dev - American Staffing Association


Arc.dev is the Fivrr for developers and designers, connecting businesses with the world’s top freelance software developers.

By vetting the highest quality talent, they ensure that companies can scale their development teams quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, with their HireAi platform that searches for the right workers, businesses can ensure they’re accessing the right talent, without having to trawl through thousands of profiles.


9. Shef – Home-Cooked Food Delivery


Chef-to-Consumer Marketplace Shef Announces Plans to Expand Nationwide  After $73.5 Million Series B


Shef brings the joy of home-cooked meals to the home, connecting local chefs with customers craving authentic, homemade cuisine.

By focusing on community, quality, and diversity, Shef offers a platform for local chefs to share their cultural dishes while providing a unique dining experience for consumers.


10. Oben – Community Healthcare




Oben brings medical screenings, health education and treatment to barbershops and hair salons in the local community, in order to educate and prevent against heart problems.

The business uses community spaces to engage black and brown communities and educate them around heart disease, acting as a preventative measure in a largely underrepresented community.


These ten startups from California are set to continue solidifying it as one of the startup hubs of the world.

From sustainable solutions to tech-driven innovations, they reflect the creativity and entrepreneurship that California is renowned for.

Keep an eye on them as they continue to innovate in 2024 and beyond…