10 Alabama Startups To Watch

The US has a huge startup economy on a macro level, but different states are also standing out for their innovation.

The startup scene in Alabama is growing, with innovative companies popping up across the state. As 2024 continues, here are ten Alabama startups that deserve your attention.


1. Parrotfy – All-In-One Management Software


Parrotfy Software 🦜 (@getparrotfy) / X


Parrotfy is changing the way businesses manage their workflow. With a focus on productivity, Parrotfy allows users to delegate work between internal teams, manage their finances and communicate with clients.

Their software allows businesses to take orders, manage customers and streamline payment all from one place.


2. Bidsters – Construction Bidding Platform


Bidsters | Tuscaloosa AL


Bidsters is transforming the construction industry by simplifying the bidding process.

Through Bidster, contractors can find new project opportunities, locate sub-contractors, assess paperwork and develop a pre-bidding assessment.

This platform combines data, networking and project management all in one system, simplifying the process from start to finish.


3. Gyftd – Personalised Gifts


Home - Gyftd


Gyftd is on a mission to take the guesswork out of gift-giving.

Using its unique algorithm, the platform takes a budget and picks a gift for you based on your likes and preferences.

Gyfted then sends the gift directly to your door as a surprise. As well as gifting yourself, Gyfted allows you to gift others, making buying and receiving gifts a whole lot easier.


4. CannaPlat – Cannabis Industry Connector


Tanner Druck AG


CannaPlat is a platform serving the cannabis industry.

It connects growers, sellers, and buyers, allowing for efficient flow of goods and services. The company aims to make the Cannabis business more connected, helping growers and sellers build more sustainable long-term businesses.


5. Trips4Trade – Trip Swapping Community


Trips4Trade - Trade For The Trip Of A Lifetime


Trips4Trade allows users to swap trips and experiences. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, or a city getaway, members can trade their everyday adventures for ones they have their eyes on.

Members add what they have access to, input what they are interested in and then find adventurers to swap with. This not only facilitates connections but also allows travellers to explore in a more cost effective way.



6. Barkd – Match Making For Dogs


Barkd App


Barkd is the app for future dog owners.

This mobile app makes finding the perfect canine breed easier by matching potential owners with dogs based on lifestyle and preferences.

The app not only helps people identify the right breed, it helps them on their journey to find reputable sellers.


7. Khepra – Ending Fossil Fuel Reliance


Khepra - Knowde


Khepra is enabling the end of fossil fuel reliance by helping to provide alternative, sustainable energy sources.

The company applies ultrasonic technology to break waste streams into fuel, creating a new type of renewable energy.

Through cultivating renewable energy sources, creating circular economies and finding innovative ways to reduce reliance on common energy sources, Khepra is at the forefront of the energy revolution.


8. EvaHelp – Your AI Mental Health Companion


Eva Logo


EvaHelp is helping more people access mental health support with its advanced virtual health assistant and coaching companion.

Through advanced machine learning, EvaHelp is constantly available to users and trained to assist in a number of ways.

Additionally, through adaptive learning, Eva’s AI is able to provide increasingly relevant and personalised advice to users, making it accessible to anyone at any time.


9. Wyndy – Simplified Babysitting Booking


Book On-Demand College Babysitters and Nannies with Childcare Experience | Wyndy


Wyndy makes finding a trusted babysitter simple.

With an easy-to-use app, parents can find, book, and pay vetted babysitters – all through one platform.

Not only that, but childcare providers are able to find potential jobs, facilitating connections between parents and babysitters.


10. Moovmo – Accessible Transport For All


Moovmo LLC - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Moovmo is a game changer in the world of accessible transportation. This ride-sharing service is designed for people in need of accessible transportation, as well as others.

The company is dedicated to providing ride-sharing solutions to people of all abilities, helping them serve a greater percentage of the population.


As 2024 unfolds, these ten Alabama startups are making a significant mark on their industries.

From tech innovations to platforms that connect, each company brings something unique to the table.

Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to solidify Alabama as a startup hub.