10 Startups To Watch In El Salvador

El Salvador’s entrepreneurial scene is overflowing with innovation.

This Central American country is becoming home to a diverse list of startups, each making waves in their respective industries.

Here are ten Salvadoran startups we think you should be watching in 2024 and beyond…

1. DLoop – Ending Food Waste


Dloop | LinkedIn


DLoop is fighting against food waste by promoting responsible consumption of food.

The app allows businesses to sell surplus food, minimising waste and allowing them to recover costs and improve profitability. On the other site, consumers are able to buy food at a reduced cost, allowing them to get more for less.


2. Sostengo – Digitising Motor Insurance



Sostengo is dedicated to digitising motor insurance in El Salvador, by helping people access it from their phones.

Through a user friendly app, motorists are able to find affordable car, motorcycle and delivery motor insurance, allowing them to travel without limitations.


3. CuboPago – Simplified Payment Solutions


Cubo Logo


CuboPago is changing the way businesses and consumers handle transactions.

This fintech startup provides a secure and efficient payment system that can all be controlled in one central app. With CuboPago, users can easily manage invoices, payments, and financial tracking, without any fixed payments – meaning you only pay commission on what you use.

The app can be activated quickly, allowing people and businesses to start processing payments instantly.


4. Pagala – E-commerce Payments




Pagala is at the centre of e-commerce in El Salvador, offering an online payment software for online businesses.

This platform enables businesses to accept various forms of payment including cards, Bitcoin or NPE, all from a single platform. Pagala’s secure and user-friendly platform is an amazing tool for El Salvador’s growing e-commerce sector, providing a smart way for them to manage their payments.


5. Nutrinación – Health and Nutrition Education




Nutrinación is committed to improving public health through education.

This startup offers bite sized articles, full of health information to inform kids, parents and teachers around the latest nutrition research and advice.

Their approach aims to tackle health challenges by empowering people with knowledge.



6. Alertux – Traffic Alert System



Alertux is helping develop El Salvador’s top traffic alert system through community sharing.

Through developing a community of over 500,000 people, Alertux shares UGC of road traffic incidents and disruptions, allowing people to more efficiently plan their routes.

This platform is a helpful tool in road traffic management, providing a community-centric network of incident reports to each of its followers.


7. Agua de la Cumbre – Bottled Water Solutions


Summit Water


Agua de la Cumbre is making high quality bottled water more accessible to people in El Salvador.

Through their intuitive and sustainable company, Salvadorans are able to buy and receive high-quality bottled water with cards and bitcoin – all delivered directly to their homes.


8. Fiado – Consumer Lending



Fiado is a consumer lending app that offers formal lending services with fair rates and terms.

From their phone, users can apply for loans, control their expenses and learn to control their spending – thus reducing the need for expensive loans. Fiado stand out for their quick and fair approval process, allowing people in Latin America to access money when they need it, and quickly.


9. Tuyo – Online Marketplace


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Tuyo is helping Salvadorans access their favourite brands through its eCommerce platform.

Describing itself as the ‘marketplace of El Salvador’, Tuyo allows consumers to access their favourite brands, all in once centralised place.


10. RecirculaApp – Recycling Incentive Programme


Venture Profile Recirculapp image of C EE F C B BE F A F FB


RecirculaApp promotes environmental sustainability through its recycling incentive programme.

Their B2B platform connects recyclers and companies, allowing them to commercialise their waste. By encouraging businesses to recycle, RecirculaApp is contributing to a cleaner, greener El Salvador.


In conclusion, these ten startups are making waves both within El Salvador and globally.

As we look forward to 2024, the startup world is continuing to watch El Salvador as it grows into a thriving startup economy.