A Guide To Norway’s Digital Nomad Visa

In the next instalment of our digital nomad series, we venture into the captivating realm known as the “land of the midnight sun” and the “home of the Vikings”. This is, of course, Norway.

This beautiful country has numerous assets to lure settlers to its shores, something that will come as music to the ears of digital nomads searching for greener pastures. Just one crucial question persists: Does Norway offer a visa that can enable this to happen? Let’s find out.

Can I Move to Norway and Work Remotely?

Listen up, eager nomads. Norway does indeed offer a digital nomad visa, welcoming foreign nationals to reside and work remotely within its borders.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a digital nomad is someone who sustains their livelihood through remote online work while dwelling in a country foreign to their own. Armed solely with a laptop and a sturdy Wi-Fi connection, these individuals forge professional lives from all over the world.

But before running away with dreams of relocating, it’s important to note that not all countries endorse remote workers for long-term residency and work. Thankfully, Norway isn’t among such countries.

Norway boasts a variety of visas catering to remote workers seeking to establish roots, and a digital nomad visa is among them.

Before we delve deeper, let’s explore why Norway stands out as a prime choice for digital nomads to settle in.

Is Norway Good for Digital Nomads?

Norway isn’t just a hotspot for tourists; it’s also a haven for digital nomads, and for good reason. Wanderlust has even hailed Norway as one of the top seven countries for workcations.

Travellers and nomads alike flock to Norway to marvel at its myriad wonders. From the Northern Lights to its fjords, to remnants of its Viking history to its many beautiful cities such as Oslo.

For those unfazed by colder climates and unique sunlight hours, this stunning scenery provides an idyllic backdrop for outdoor snow spots and hiking, sightseeing, wild swimming, and more.

Beyond its natural splendours, Norway boasts practical advantages. Renowned for its solid infrastructure, reliable travel insurance, and efficient public transportation, including extensive airport networks facilitating travel to other countries, Norway ensures smooth transitions for nomadic lifestyles.

Moreover, English is widely spoken throughout the country, easing communication and navigation while getting to grips with the Norwegian language and culture.

Norway is renowned for its excellent Wi-Fi, allowing digital nomads to work on the go wherever they choose, be it its many excellent coffee shops or co-working spaces. Some of the best-rated co-working spaces in the country include Epicenter, 657 Oslo, Spaces and Startup Campus.

While the cost of living, particularly in cities like Oslo, may be steep, Norway’s array of benefits arguably justifies the expense. Still, it’s important to take into account your financial means before pursuing a Norwegian digital nomad visa application.

Norway’s Digital Nomad Visa: How to Apply

Non-EU remote workers from countries like the UK, Australia, and the US have the opportunity to apply for Norway’s digital nomad visa, extending eligibility for up to two years.

Beyond nationality, applicants’ professions also play a role. Jobs such as graphic designers, web developers, and marketing specialists are a few examples of accepted professions.

Upon being certain of your eligibility, any hopeful nomad will need to get their documents in order before applying.

This includes possessing a valid passport, proof of remote employment for a non-Norwegian company, proof of income exceeding €35,719 a year, valid health insurance, proof of accommodation, education, work history, and proof of engagement with a Norwegian client, paying a minimum hourly salary of 189.39 NOK.

Once the documentation is compiled, applicants can easily apply online. The UDI checklist details all required documents for the visa appointment at the Norwegian embassy, so ensure you have this document printed, signed and ready to go.

It’s important to note that the digital nomad visa is comparatively pricey, sitting at €600. Additionally, digital nomads must fulfil tax obligations in Norway if their stay exceeds 183 days, so financial demands can add up.

Fortunately, the approval process is relatively swift, typically spanning 15 to 30 days.

While the visa initially extends for two years, there exists the possibility of extension, potentially leading to a lifetime visa for those enamoured with the lifestyle.