How Do Virtual Events Work?

In the past 2 years virtual and online events have become the norm with in-person events taking a back seat. With platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams the only way we could connect with colleagues or family, virtual events were a way of life.

As life continues to return to normality, virtual events are here to stay. Many brands, businesses and individuals have seen the benefits of holding events digitally rather than in-person. Whether that is the easier logistics or the reduced cost, understanding virtual events is important as they are going to continue being a prominent part of our society.

That is why TechRound has made this guide, to tell you what virtual events are, how they work and the different types of virtual events that you can hold.

What Are Virtual Events?

A virtual event is an event that takes place digitally or online. This means that there is no in-person attendance and most people are chiming in from the comfort of their own home. Virtual events can be anything, from a whole corporate annual conference to a family get-together.

Virtual events do not have to be live either, with pre-recorded seminars or content becoming more popular in 2021. Virtual events can be interactive or just one person speaking to an audience. There is a lot of room for difference in the virtual event space, events of all shapes and sizes come under the umbrella of virtual events and they are now more prominent than ever.

How Do Virtual Events Work?

Virtual events work by using virtual platforms to show the event to as many people as possible. There are many virtual platforms with different functions. Some platforms are better for live-streaming and others are better for virtual meetings. Once you have found the right virtual event platform, they will have features that allow you to share your event with others across the globe, no matter what time or where the audience is.

There are many other technical elements to virtual events which include creating breakout rooms if necessary and instigating polls and question and answer features. All this is possible with virtual events and virtual event platforms allow your event to usually work without a hitch!

What Types of Virtual Events Are There?

There are many different types of virtual events that you could hold for your business or for yourself in your personal life. Here are a few examples:

Live streaming

Live streaming is a way of showing your event live as it is happening. Nothing is pre-recorded so you are at the peril of things going wrong live! However, it allows your audience to feel more connected to the event and the ability to have their questions answered as they have them. Live streams can be watched by thousands of people at a time and although they will not be able to have their voice heard, there is usually a chat feature which allows them to give their opinion as the event is happening.


Podcasts are a type of virtual event that has become extremely popular in 2021. With more and more podcasts coming out brands are beginning to realise the potential in podcasts. Podcasts can be downloaded and listened to by millions of people and it is a great way to connect with your audience.


A video is a pre-recorded virtual event, this can either be a seminar or an internal communication that is sent to all employees. These videos do not require any audience participation or engagement. However, not having it live means you can think outside the box with what you do, including animation or allowing yourself multiple shoots are just two of the benefits of having your virtual event as a pre-recorded video.

Virtual Conferences

In 2021, huge corporate companies were forced to have their annual conferences virtually. However, many were extremely successful. With the ability to create breakout rooms, have multiple sessions running at once, brands could reach a wider audience than ever before with their conference.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are usually smaller and personal. Whether with family or colleagues there are many virtual event platforms that will allow you to have your meeting virtually. This allows everyone to speak together at the same time from the comfort of their own home.