Rainy Day Activities for Young Children at Home

As winter quickly approaches, we might start to think: what’s the best ways to keep the house warm this winter? Or, do I need a new winter coat? What about getting Christmas gifts ordered? And finally, what can we do as a family with young kids when it gets rainy and cold outside?

But, don’t fear – even with little ones there are plenty of ways to stay entertained when it’s pouring down outside to stop your kids, and you, from climbing up the walls. Read our quick guide to the best rainy day activities for kids.

At Home Activities for Young Children

Rainy day activities can actually be great for young kids. They can give them the opportunity to use what’s inside the house to do something a little different, like using household materials to make arts and crafts, play some games gathering dust in the cupboard, or give them the chance to just reimagine the house they live in and make their own indoor fort or home cinema.

Indeed, there are plenty of fun and cheap rainy day activities for young kids as long as you’re willing to get a little creative:

1. Get Creative in the Kitchen

The promise of a sweet treat means it’s always likely kids will want to bake. Whether it’s a simple brownie or cookie recipe, or even if the kids just want to help with icing and decorating some cupcakes, baking can make treats that all the family can enjoy together.

And cooking can be a great pastime too. As well as being something that can get kids involved in the kitchen and introduced to new flavours and foods that they may enjoy, simple recipes such as making your own pizzas can be a great way to introduce kids to new meals.

With the treats and food that you make, you could even go one step further and have an indoor family picnic – just lay out a rug and enjoy what you make in the kitchen at your reimagined outdoor picnic.

2. Do Some Arts & Crafts

Doing arts and crafts will always be a great indoors activity for young kids. Whether it’s simple things that you can do with homemade materials like making paper aeroplanes or sock puppets, you can also buy craft kits online to come in service on a rainy day. For example, you can buy kits online that let you make your own jewellery.

Or take this time to make something a little more special, like a flip book, collage or a scrapbook. Make your own flip book to create your own moving story, or get some photos together and make your own collage or scrapbook with your kids.

3. Make a DIY Treasure or Scavenger Hunt

Even confined to the house you can still make sure your kids can have an adventure. Bring the excitement of the outdoors to your home with a treasure or scavenger hunt – all you need to do is hide some items, give each child a treasure hunt map and a small box for collection, and maybe even a prize for the winner.

4. Create Some Fun Imaginary Games 

Playing imaginary games is a timeless activity for young kids both outdoors and inside. This may involve playing dress up and or making up a new game – either way, encouraging imagination can help to boost creativity in your kids.

Or take this time to play some of the games you have that may be gathering dust in the cupboard. This may be cards, board games or a jigsaw puzzle.

5. Put On a Play

Having your kids put on a play or show for you can really boost their own creative nature – especially if you help them to make their own costumes and props.

Not only can this also boost confidence and ignite a love of performance, but if you film the final production you can make some very special (and probably hilarious) home tapes to look back on.

6. Take the Time to Read

Although you may read to your kids at bedtime, you can use rainy days to encourage your little kids to read more, or use the time to read to them.

7. Reimagine a Room

Any room can become a cinema or a fort. Building a fort is one of the easiest ways to transform a room – all you need is some sofa cushions, chairs, big cardboard boxes with a blanket draped on top.

Or,  perhaps reimagine your sitting room into a home cinema by making your own popcorn and settling down to watch some fun family films together. Alternatively, set up a mini supermarket in your playroom complete with an ironing board as a checkout table and little tins of food to ‘checkout’ with bags ready to put ‘purchases’ in.

These activities allow kids to spend the day as a family, and maybe even dedicate some quality time to doing something a little different from the norm – even with bad weather, these activities can always promise all sorts of fun on a rainy day for your children while they’re away from nursery or pre-school.